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Seeing your loved ones or your pals online on Facebook seems to be the best thing. If you are someone who is having a great social life then you know the fun hanging out or conversation with your near ones. Just imagine the situation when you have your Facebook friends online coincidently at the same time you are. And then you have long conversations. But most of he time we do miss our friends just by few seconds. It does feel bad.

Imagine you wanted to chat with someone for a long time now, but he or she does not have a fixed time for being online, then it really becomes hard to catch up that person for a conversation. Now think of a situation when you will be notified somehow whenever the person you wanted to chat is online. Wouldn’t it be really great.

We have a solution by which you can be notified via your android smartphone or iphone, whenever your desired person is online on facebook.

How to Set / Get notifications for Someone Online On Facebook?


How To Get Notification For SomeOne Online On Facebook

Facebook Notification

Yes, it is really a goo dnews for both Android and iOS users as we have apps for each of them for this purpose..

For all android users, I would suggest you to download “Facebook Online Friends Notify” and for the iOS users and Apple fan’s, you can go for an app called “Fav Alert“;

Both these app does the same work that is help you set a reminder about anyone you wish for, when they are online. The best part with these apps that you won’t be getting notification for just any one but only those for whom you want to be notified.

You can not only get your loved ones notification but you can also escape yourself from people who irritate you when they find you online. So it’s a win win situation in both cases.

Just set a reminder and let this app do the work for you. For using this app, once you install it, you need to sign in using your Facebook account and grant it the permissions. Once you do so, choose the people you want to be notified for and you are done. Congrats you have just made your smartphone reach the next level of smartness.

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  1. That is impressive. is there any app is symbian for that ?? and if there is application available for pc then i like to install in pc too.

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