Stability Update After Official Android 4.2.2 : Grand Duos

Article Updated For latest firmware [Date: 30/11/2013]

If you are facing a lot of issues recently after updating to the official update Android 4.2.2 in Galaxy Grand Duos. You are not alone. Most of the users found this update lousy and nauseating. it was kind of bizzare that inspite of releasing the same software twice in very less time, Samsung was unable to solve the issue. Sussing that a number of people were reporting lot of issues regarding their Galaxy Grand Duos after they installed the new update, Samsung released another new update to solve all those problems.

Android 4.2.2 stability update

Due to these inevitable problems appearing incessantly, some people were even barged to get a new smartphone. Few Common problems after Android 4.2.2 update was

  • Gallery App not working or freezing of Gallery and camera app.
  • Hanging of Galaxy Grand Duos after Android 4.2.2 Update.
  • Smartphone becoming slower
  • And several others.

However it seems that Samsung has taken care of that by releasing a new updating saying it was a stability update.

NOTE: Another Stability Update rolled out recently with the firmware version I9082XXUBMK3 as mentioned below in the picture. Make sure to update your smartphone to make the android 4.2.2 version on your galaxy grand duos more stable.Latest Galaxy Grand Duos Firmware

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I have just installed the update and so far not facing any issues with my Grand. Hope to say this in future as well. I will be guiding you in this article how to install that.

You won’t be able to update it via the smartphone, it will through a message like the one shown below in the image.

Samsung Update Problem via OTA

Whenver you see something like this, it is clear that there are updates available for you. If there are no any updates then it will simply say that all the updates have been installed. So next time if you see something like this then make sure to check for any update by connecting your PC via kies. You will get notifcation from Samsung Kies like the image given below in case there is any update.

Galaxy Grand Duos Latest Firmware

Note : This also somehow makes sure that Galaxy Grand Duos will not receive any further Android Major upgrades. So if you are expecting Android 4.3 or Android 4.4 Update in Galaxy Grand Duos, Chances are very close to impossible.

How to Get the latest stable firmware update for Android 4.2.2 in Galaxy Grand Duos

You will need a PC/Laptop with Samsung Kies or ODIN. We preferred the ODIN way. For the ODIN way. First you will need the latest update firmware for Galaxy Grand Duos. It does not change the Android version and is just the update over the previous one regarding the stability issue in Galaxy Grand Duos. It doesn’t matter which version you are currently running, you can directly update to this version.

Links for all the necessary software has been provided and you can see in the video how to do show.

This does not bring any kind of functionality addon or addition of new features but is mainly intended on removing the several performance issues faced by users after the update of Android 4.2.2.

Let’s start with the Update. You can choose the Kies way but in this way if there comes any problem you will need to start from the beginning. ODIN is the best way. Simply download the update firmware package from the link given below and the ODIN software, if you don’t have Samsung USB Drivers, Download and Install that as well.

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NOTE : The firmware download link given at the end and the tutorial is based on the INU version, if you want to verify for your region Click on this link and search for model no i9082 , now look for your region name. Once you get that click on it to see if it says the same firmware version or not and also verify if it has been released after the last update you installed. If it is different then install the latest update.

Once you download the firmware, you can follow these steps of any number of times you want to install a fresh copy of the firmware.

Make sure you have USB Debugging options as checked in the developer options. In case you on’t find a developer option in the Settings >> More, read this article below.

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Once you are done follow the video. You may take a backup but it is not needed as this update won’t remove any of your files and everything will be same as it is. However you can take a backup of your personal files via Samsung Kies to be on the safe side.

Now that you have installed the update successfully, it’s time for you test this update if it solves all your previous problems or not.

Link to necessary softwares

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107 thoughts on “Stability Update After Official Android 4.2.2 : Grand Duos

  1. Hi Ashutosh, Could not find much difference between these current updated version and earlier one…May try for 2-3 days and see..

    • Hello Uday.. First of all, thanks for being an active member of GeekyGadgetworld.COm . Now coming on the Update, I agree with your point, it does not come with any addon features as mentioned by me in the article. And for the time i have used it, it shows little bit more stability than the previous one. This update is mainly rolled out to make the OS stable since so many of Us were facing a lot of problems. Hope it can make the software stable for a long time.

      • Hope Samsung brings in more updates and hopefully finger crossed galaxy grand duos should get 4.4…But its all in hands of Samsung whats on their mind they only know. Till then we need to be satisfied with 4.2.2 and its stability updates.

  2. Hi Ashutosh,
    just need your advice for firmware update which is the fastest and safest mode in galaxy grand duos.Is it thro kies (take too long) or thro ODIN.Is the process thro ODIN software safe and fast.

    • Frankly speaking i have always updated through ODIN. Once i download the firmware it is easy for me to update any number of time but in kies it will always downlaod teh firmware which is too much time consuming. Talking about safety both methods have same security and risks. if the connection is disturbed in any of the two method, the device may perform abruptly or may not perform at all. The ODIN way makes it easy for the next time to install teh same update if tehre is any problem in previous installation since you have the firmware. Once you download it, you don’t need even net connection for updating with the same firmware in future.

  3. I have upgraded my Galaxy Grand with latest upgrade, Looking forward it gets hang more then earlier, it get stuck while i click on WhatsApp, click picture… dialing call.. I have restarted more then 15 times in 1.5 day.

    • Try installing AVG Cache Cleaner App. Once installed, launch it and clear all your cache, You can also Wipe cache partition by entering into recovery mode. For that turn off your smartphone and then press Volume Up + Home Button + Power button together.. YOu will get a menu .. from there use your volume down button and go to Wipe cache partition, and press power button to select.. This will clean your old cache which may be the issue..

      In case this also does not work .. try doing a factory reset. First take a backup and then do a complete reset and then restore the backup. You may also do the reset via the same way you were clearing the cache or you may do it from the settings menu.

  4. Dear Ashutosh, i have installed the new update but the gallery is bit slower as it takes time to open and also camera is slow.
    Is there any solution. Kindly Suggest

    • Try clearing your cache via the recovery mode. For that turn off your smartphone and then press Volume Up + Home Button + Power button together.. YOu will get a menu .. from there use your volume down button and go to Wipe cache partition, and press power button to select.. This will clean your old cache which may be the issue.. In case the problem is not rectified… take a backup and do a factory reset of your phone. After the resetis complete… restore the backup

  5. Which is more stable I9082ODDBMHD released on 30th August or I9082ODDBMI1 released on 9th September. Also when I went to the service center they have informed me that I9082ODDBMJ3 has not yet been received by them and I was advised not to update to the same as it may be unstable. When I first updated to I9082ODDBMHD it was the smoothest. I was then told to by colleague that another update was released. However I did not get the same in Notifications even though automatically check for updates was checked. I manually clicked check for updates and updated to I9082ODDBMI1. The phone did appear to be a bit laggy. I am not sure. However I noticed google services drained my battery during standby. I went to my google account and unchecked sync from everything accept gmail. Also earlier I was able to uninstall google play music. later I was unable to uninstall the same and had to disable it. Also it seemed phone heated up when GPS on for 30 mins to 1 hour. Is that normal. Also when I inquired at service center I was told that they only have one firmware baseband version I9082ODDBMI1 and was advised not to update to new version I9082ODDBMJ3 as it could be unstable.

    • First i would like to tell you that few days back that is in October one more firmware was released.. I9082ODDBMJ3 and i don’t know why they are saying this but if you will connect your device to pc via kies, then samsung kies will notify you about the update. Most of the users had a lot of problem in I9082ODDBMi1. Even i had .. and the new version is working great.. It didnot bring any new feature but i must admit that for me the device is working and performing better than the previou version.

      Now to verify that you have INU or INS version just connect your PC and in samsung kies you will see your firmware version and even if update is available .. YOu can see there if it is INU or INS

      • Thank you for your reply. However I would like to ask you whether I9082ODDBMHD released on 30th August was more stable than I9082ODDBMI1 and I9082ODDBMJ3. Also does the stability of firmware depend on handset to handset. Eg. on my handset I9082ODDBMHD could be more stable than I9082ODDBMI1 and I9082ODDBMJ3. Or is it that the newest release is always the most stable. Is it possible the I9082ODDBMI1 had bugs and the older I9082ODDBMHD did not not. Any website that can give me more detail info on the various samsung firmware releases and the changes implmented in each. ie. what software related changes were made in each firmware and how it will affect your handset?

  6. One more thing my battery now lasts for 3 to 4 days, ocassional calls, a little whats app, 1 or 2 mails check etc. At present after 2 days and 3 hours it is at 37% even after i kept checking app manager, ram usage, and even switched off and restarted my phone once. Kindly just reply to comment, I do not want continuous posts from forum to my email and therfore have not confirmed follow up.

  7. Basically the one released on 30th August I9082ODDBMHD worked awesome on my phone. I found phone to be smoother, and overall better and I could still uninstall google play music. But after I updated to I9082ODDBMI1 I found it to be a little laggy. I am not sure maybe it only appeared so. Also I could not uninstall google pay music and had to disable it. Also google services started to drain battery during standby until I unchecked all syncing from google account except gmail. Now battery lasts really long. However I noticed my phone heated up when my GPS was on for 30 minutes to 1 hour while navigating (Is this normal). Also when I inquired at samsung service center I was told they only have one baseband version I9082ODDBMI1. And I was advised not to update to I9082ODDBMJ3 since it may be unstable. I really want to know which is more stable and whether I should go back to I9082ODDBMHD. If so how do I check my country code whether it is INS or INU. Because there are 2 downloads for India on samsung updates website. 1 for INS and the other for INU. I would not know which to use.

  8. I am not able to update Firmware from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 even. Tried everything either by Wi-Fi, Mobile Network or through Samsung Kies but it does not worked. Initially 477 MB file get downloaded but during it does not get updated properly on Mobile. An error message get displayed as “Please update firmware through Samsung Kies or contact Samsung Center”.
    Please suggest as I have tried each and every kind of suggestion available on NET.

    • Dowload the latest firmware for your region via Search for i9082 and look for a firware for your region. See the date at which it was released and select the latest one. You may need to make an acount to proceed to download. Once you have downloaded.. Follow the video on this page to install it on your Galaxy Grand Duos.

      • If my country is not listed on sammobile can i download any country`s version ? my country is Egypt for example can i download saudia arabia versions ?

        • There has to be a firmware for your Country. IF it is not listed first connect your smartphone to samsung kies and then verify which Firmware it is using. Try to find that version. Also I would not suggest you to install firmware of any other country as this may cause network related issues and device performance may be disturbed.
          Contact Samsung Officials for updating your device.

    • NO, I don’t think so there is a LED notification. because i have also tried controlling it via Android apps but was unable to do so.

  9. Hi kumar,

    I purchased the galaxy grand just after its launch. My problem is, i still didn’t get the update notification through OTA. Do you know why i didnt get the OTA 4.2 firmware upgrade request.

    • Being the update OTA is now not available. 4.2.2 was released three times and i personally needed to verify from samsung kies if there was any update or not.

      • In india 4.2 updates releases on 9th sept.
        I updates my another galaxy gran on the same day but on another galaxy grand which I purchased earlier, am still waiting of OTA update 4.2. Am unable to understand why my 2nd galaxy grand is not getting update OTA request

        • Try using Samsung Kies for this purpose. If you have already installed any version of 4.2 on that device then that would not be getting any OTA firmware notification. OTA firmware notification is disabled after the 4.2.2. Though if that is on the 4.1.2 and still not giving OTA update notification. However use Samsung Kies or the ODIN way whichever you prefer to do the update.

    • Hi Mohit, If you are still at 4.1.2 please connect your mobile to best WIFI connection and try the update in the software..If you are not getting any update prompt please update your kies to latest and then connect your mobile with kies.It should prompt for an update.Prior to this kindly back up all your important files,contacts apps etc.. The current latest O/s thats running on Galaxy grand post recent update are as under

      Android version : 4.2.2
      Base band version : I9082DDUBMJ1
      Kernel version: 3.0.31-1329016
      Oct 8 release
      Build number :JDQ39.I9082XXUBMJ3.

  10. Hey I am facing one weird problem with my Grand. When I open pictures in WhatsApp in landscape mode, an area of a picture equal to notification panel gets cropped automatically.

    Apart from that, I am still facing a battery drain. My current build number is I9082XXUBMJ3. I am seriously thinking of reverting back to latest 4.1. Please help me with this.

    • If you want to revert back to 4.1.2 then you can download the 4.1.2 firmware for your region and follow the same procedure as shown in the video to get this version installed on your system. You may even try removing and reinstalling WhatsApp and also doing a reset. As a last option you may also visit Samsung Servcie centre to see if they got an answer to this.

  11. Hi Ashutosh, recently i have purchased Galaxy Grand, when i turned on Wifi i’m getting Software Update, it can we updates about 477.8 mb,after that when i checked in Kies i came to know that it is firmware upgrade and i searched on net i got ur website i have seen all ur posts about latest updates on Grand.can we Update software through wifi is it safe or i should update through kies.

    • You can update it via OTA as well if you are getting the notification. Every method is safe and you can use if any of them depending upon your choice. I have updated my Grand over Wi-Fi everytime i get a notification of update. After the 4.2.2 update You will not get the OTA notification and you will need to use either Kies or Via the ODIN software which is being used and shown in the video in the article.

  12. Then why in my Grand duos after downloading 488.67 MB file, after 30 %installation it gives error message to upgrade through Samsung Kies. Through Samsung kies also after download my mobile get disconnected from Samsung Kies.

    • IF you are unable to do so via KIES or OTA then try it via the ODIN software. Download the latest firmware from http://sammobile/firmware .. Search for i9082 and then search and download the firmware for your region. After that follow the video to update your device.

  13. Good Day! I haven’t updated my Samsung Galaxy Grand before. I just wanted to know how to update my device to the latest version of android (Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Android 4 2 2 Stability Update) without taking any risk.

    Model number: GT-I9082
    Android version: 4.1.2
    Baseband version: I9082XXAMC4
    Kernel Version: 3.0.31-1036409
    se.indra@SEP-144 #1
    SMP PREEMPT Tue Mar 12 11:09:09 KST 2013
    Build number: JZO54K.I9082XXAMC7


    • Hello Ayie.. Follow the video shown in the article and read the article carefully .. It will help you get your update First of all get a high speed connection or a Wi-FI then try updating it via Update option in settings>>About Device After that if there is any update it will download and install. You can also use Samsung Kies installed on your pc or laptop. Connect your Device to pc via USB cable and then launch Samsung Kies . It will detect your device and will show the update option if available. Once you get that click on install. Follow the simple procedure and install the software.

      Or you can headover to
      and then you can search for i9082 .. you will get a list of all the firwares for galaxy grand duos. Once you get that look for firmware for your region. Click on it and then download it. You may need to make an account for downlaoding. After that once its is downlaoded.. Follow the video as shown and your device will be upgraded

  14. Thanks Samsung for fixing the issues and bugs in 4.2.2
    They released a new update just a few days before and now it seems everything fine. No hanging after the latest stability update. Battery backup is fine. Charging time is reduced. Good performance. The only problem is I can’t download Facebook application because it gets stopped downloading after 60 or 70 %. But I can install the app using a backup. Now I am enjoying the new jellybean 4.2.2 after a few days regretting about updating my device.

  15. hello i am using grand duos,i after updating my software to 4.2.2
    i have one problem
    while tapping the screen its getting zoom on everything even at messages also and home screen
    i can’t find the option to change one
    can you please help me out …..

    • Go to settings and then to My device and then to Accessibility option. After that look for an option called Magnification Gesture. Turn that off. Look for anyother option which is not wanted. Also verify that you are using the standard mode of homescreen. For that check in the option Homescreen Mode. Hope this helps.

  16. Hi Ashutosh,
    I have recently used the dual SIM of my grand for the first time since purchase. SIM 1 (Vodafone)=> GSM mode , SIM 2 (Airtel)=> WCDMA FOR 3G only…Upon enabling dual sim I have noticed slag in operation and system slows down a lot.Had to restart atleast thrice..What might be the cause.Upon disabling One SIM its normal..Kindly advice.

    • It should have worked fine in both case. This 4.2.2 OS really causing problems. I heard from Samsung Team that they might release yet another update so i am having an eye on it. Meanwhile you may consult Samsung Service center.

  17. My Galaxy Grand is Device memory shows “USED SPACE: 30 GB” when the total device capacity is 8GB

    Galaxy Grand Duos (jelly bean 4.2.2) has a device memory (internal) of 8GB. However when I check in Settings > More > Storage; I find something strange:

    Device memory:
    Total Space Capacity 8 GB
    System Memory: 3.96 GB
    cached Data: 40.39 MB

    How is my phone showing me “USED SPACE: 30 GB” when the total device capacity is 8GB out of which only 4 GB is usable internally.

    My phone has a memory card of 8GB and it shows separately

    Can anyone help me explain this?

    Has anyone else identified this in their cellphone GT-I9082 (Samsung Galaxy Grand). I would recommend everyone to check on this. I have JellyBean 4.2.2 upgraded.

    • This is a bug which i already reported to the Samsung Developers Team. Hope they come with an answe or update very soon. There is an updated firmware I9082XXUMBJ4 released for some reasons. Hope we will also be getting this udpate and it rectifies the problem.

      • Thanks a Million for quick Response. Highly appreciated.

        I went to the Samsung Store today since my cell is in warranty and they replied that the Binary in my phone is not updated. Further, I asked them, that I have done an OTA update using 3G connection and WiFi. They responded that the Binary does not get updated most of the time and this causes the phone to freeze / hang up / lagging performance. How true is this?

        • I don’t have any idea about this. I would though like to ask you if you had your devices updated by them or not. And if they updated it, is your problem solved now?

          • Yes, I had my device updated and now it is working awesome!!! They updated and *#1234# shows:

            AP: I9082XXUBMHA
            CP: I9082DDUBMH2
            Build Number: JDQ39.I9082XXUBMHA

  18. when trying to clean cache using “Wipe cache partition in recovery mode” gives Error and phone reboots. Can you please help on this? I am on Jelly Bean 4.2.2

  19. Hi,

    I have updated my firmware in October and the lagging problem has been reduced but the battery is getting drained like anything… The highest user is the OS.. please advise

    • Hi Abhinav, I would suggest you download 2 apps 1) Wakelock Detector and 2) Greenify. The wakelock will detect those apps which are the cause of draining your battery.To check this out post downloading wakelock full charge ur battery. Keep it idling for an hr or so…Then open wakelock it will show u which the wakeup % of ur phone post full recharge .Once u find the cause u can then take a decision to uninstall or put it on hibernation mode using greenify…Do let me know if this helps…Its working awesome on my Galaxy grand duos and reduced my battery draining to much satisfaction.

  20. Off Topic…Could you please tell me which one will be better choice…..Sony Xperia SP or Galaxy Grand Duos….I heard that Galaxy Grand Hangs lot and lagging issue(another major problem)….

    • You are right. Recently Galaxy Grand Duos is showing a lot of problems and also there are very few chances of it getting any further Android Updates so i would suggest you to go with Sony Xperia SP.

      • Hi Mohesh. I do agree with Ashutosh as Galaxy grand further updates post 4.2.2 is highly doubtfull as on now but sony xperia SP would be getting 4.3 sooner…

  21. hello.i am a samsung grand user and till now i can”t update my phone from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 os.i tried samsung kies and via ota but always tell me u :the latest update already installed.i tied searching for update via firmware archives but my region(AFR)till now haven”t the update.what can i do to update my grand>

    • Till now i think every region has got their firmware upgrade for verson 4.2.2. Contact Samsung Service Centre for this purpose and ask thme to update it if there is any update available for them.

  22. hi. i have bought a few day ago GRAND and made update android, after that my bluetooth and wi-fi does not works properly( may be smth else does not works but I noticed only this problems). can you please suggest my what to do? can service centr of Samsung help me to solve this problem!?

    • Connect your Galaxy Grand to kies and then if you get an update notification then click on Update. After that it will download the necessary files and then it will download the firmware files, after that follow the instructio if shown anything otherwise, it will install the software and your phone will restart. And you are done.

  23. I had got update on the phone and I had updated.After update many stability updates came the second last one was good and made the mobile smooth but the last update is very bad and from then my phone is hanging.As mentioned in your article I had tried from kies but the firmware upgrade is not possible.So please tell me what to do about this problem.

    • I would advice you to contact Samsung Officials For this problem. They will update your smartphone. Make sure to make a backup before you leave as they may update and all your data may be removed.

    • There are many antivirus programs available. I personally use AVG. It is free and offers good protection against malicious apps and also notifies you of settngs which may harm the smartphone.

  24. Hi Ashutosh , After 3 unsuccessful attempts I could manage to get my galaxy grand duos updated with the latest firmware update ( Build Number : JDQ39.I9082XXUBMK3 / BASE BAND VERSION : I9082DDUBMK1 , REL DATE : 11 NOV 2013 ) which is the latest stability update from Samsung . One update after another still Samsung could not get to satisfy their loyal customers .May this update bring in some smile on their face. Need to use it for a while to feel the changes..No other changes I could find.Do let me know your views too.

    • I agree with you Uday.. Updating Samsung is now very difficult and does take 2 or 3 times to get everything right. Also this update is also more concentrated on the stability part rather than adding up any feature.

    • improvements can be seen in terms of the stability of the device. I am constantly using my device and it has not shown any kind of performance issues after this update. I would recommend you to upgrade if you haven’t already done so.

      • I would like to second Ashutosh’s response . Yes indeed there seems a smoothness in the way GGD performed post update.But it would be better we come down to a full and final conclusion post using it for a little longer as we may not know how it would turn around at later stage.

        • I agree with you Uday but as far as i have seen and after continously using it for excessive gaming, network related works wifi, hotspot tethering, and entertainment purpose use…i think so its better to update it. Also the thing is the previous one is not that stable in day to day work. I have seen problems in my Grand almost thrice in just normal use and this happened almost daily. So its better to update it. However, if the probelm at present can eb ignored, they can wait for a better judgement about this update.

  25. Dear Sir,

    Since i have updated my galaxy grand it is hanging frequently.
    Before this stability update it was working fine.
    What should i do to solve this problem

    • I don’t see hanging issue with my smartphone so far after upating it few days back. I hope you are using teh latest firmware I9082XXUBMK3. Check with your samsung kie son yoru pc to ensure yo uhave the latest software installed on your system. Also if you have the latest software and you have not done a factory reset after installing the software, try doing so.
      First take a backup and then do a factory reset and after that restore the backup. If this also does not solve your problem then get your device checked in Samsung Service center or just ask them to re install the software.

  26. Hi Ashutosh / Asrar . I think this update is far better from all the previous updates.Even I haven’t experienced any hanging or slag..Its indeed smooth…

  27. hi ashutosh,
    The above hotfile link is not working as hotfile is being banned by US Court.

    Could you give another link.

  28. Hi Ashutosh, Although the latest update seems much better than the previous one , I have experienced a bit lag when the phone is on 3G or WiFi…The phone has started slowing down and also in case you are on WiFi or 3 G and some one calls then the screen becomes too slow to even except a call….Would need your feedback too..May be I will have to factory reset once post backing up data.But again getting all apps back is a humongous task as it takes a long time even on wifi…

    • I am also noticing this. Though in my case it is not that slow still. Also there is a bug seen earlier showing used space more than the actual total memory. Notified the Samsung Offcials via twitter. Hoping to get this patched up.

      • Hope for the fix soon….Its never ending story for samsung. Runs smooth if you are not on wifi or 3G…Lets wait and watch.

    • The chances for 4.3 is very very less. To be precise i don’t think it will arrive. Since Samsung has already removed teh OTA support for the firmware upgrade. Whenever any upgrade is available and if you want to update it via mobile, It may not let you do so. However one thing is for sure that you won’t be getting the 4.4 Version in Galaxy Grand Duos.

      One more reason for this is that Samsung has released Galaxy Grand Duos 2. So if they will be providing the 4.3 in the old model, very few would be switching to the latest model.

  29. Hey! could you please suggest me a mobile within 20k. I wanted to go for grand duos, but have heard that it wont get the latest updates and that it has many hanging and laging issues.
    Thanks in advance.

    • If you really love Grand Duos then you can go for Galaxy Grand Duos 2. It was launched recently on 23rd of this month. However the price would be around 24,000INR. So if you can arrange for few more bucks then this is definitely great. It is far better than galaxy grand 1 in most of the aspects. And also it will be Having Kitkat update sooner or later since it already has 4.3 and it will surely recieve one major android update. This phablet will be available from January 2014. Click here to know more.

  30. Thanks for the quick reply. Grand 2 is a bit too expensive for me.
    Which would you suggest between sony xperia c and grand duos.?

  31. The problem with my galaxy grand duos is, that my gallery runs really slow and because of this built in gallery app; my phone also gets very slow & hangs a lot. I’ve to restart it many times in a day.

    So I tried to figure the problem personally & I found out by going into application manager that the built in gallery app shows data upto 5gb to 6gb and whenever i clear all data of this built in gallery app by going into application manager; my phone suddenly becomes so fast & doesn’t hang.

    But this situation remains only for 10 to 12 hours then the phone again becomes slow. And the gallery app data again starts showing upto 3 to 6 gb. again.
    So i have to do this again and again to keep my phone running smoothly.
    I don’t know what to do. Please give me some tips.

    • The latest firmware of Galaxy Grand DUos is buggy. It’s already been reported. And as far as we know, one more firmware update can be expected to make the 4.2.2 more stable. However we do not know when it will be released.

      Note: please ask your other queries in the Support Forum.

      • Hi Pratik, U can parallely download “Quickpic” gallary app and disable this system app…I have been using it for quite long and its awesome U may try this prior to disabling the system one.

  32. Hi

    i have purchased recently samsung galaxy grand , android 4.2.2
    my problem is somtimes letters starts jumping , it starts opening any application.
    sometime it dials to any number from my contact list.

    i have even tries factory restart also but issue is not resolved.

    Pls suggest solution.


    • There seems some real issue with OS. if it came with the 4.2.2 and you have not upgraded it even once, i would ask you to check for updates. Even though there may not be any update, i would recommend you to reinstall your software via Samsung kies. If you have never done so or are not willing to do yourself, you can ask Samsung Service center for help.

      Also for problems related to galaxy grand duos we have created a forum category.
      you can ask your future questions here.

  33. Dear Admin,
    I can see the new Firmware update in Samsung KIES, however, when i click to update, it shows as downloading but the a pop up says “Unable to update firmware, unknown error occured. I have grand duos and i am in Saudi arabia.
    Your reply with help will be apreeciated highly.

  34. After you have upgraded the samsung galaxy grand to Android 4.2.2, do the following steps:
    Go to Settings—–Application Manager——-All——-
    Now All the processess running shall be displayed.
    Scroll down to find the process GALLERY
    Click on Clear Data.
    Actually in the 4.2.2 update Samsung has introduced a bug where in the Data increases to 100 GB or 95 GB
    Temporary solution is to Press Clear Data Button and make the mobile lightning fast
    Permanent solution is to take the mobile to Samsung Service Center and tell them about the problem.They have a fix for this.

      • Ashutosh, do you have a blog or any similar post where you have given a step by step information on updating the samsung Galaxy Grand Duos to Android 4.2.2 using ODIN?

        Also you mentioned that you are using the Gllery from Android 4.3. Does it work in Android 4.2.2? Does it lag or work smoothly?

        Also for SGG, everybody who are getting the lagging issue, please disable the Gallery by doing the following:

        Go to Settings—–Application Manager——-All——-
        Now All the processess running shall be displayed.
        Scroll down to find the process GALLERY
        Click on Force Stop.
        Click on Disable

        Your problem should be resolved.

        • This has the video which will guide you through the installation process via odin. This is the software whose link is mentioned below at the end of the article. ANd to anser about the gallery app, it does work really smooth. I am using it and i have no complains so far. Though most of the time it is unable to show the thumbnails of videos as mostly shows the opening frame which mostly is a blank screen, i have to play some of those videos to see which one i am looking for. Overall i use the default gallery app very rarely.

  35. I have analysed all the mail chain in the blog and i think we should answer the following questions and our problem should be resolved. Ashutosh please shed some light on the questions given below. Your inputs as always stand out in problem resolution.

    1. We are talking about the following builds taht exist in our respective mobile post the Android 4.2.2 upgrade (All these are Build Numbers):
    I9082ODDBMHD ———— released on 30th August
    I9082ODDBMI1 ————– released on 9th September
    I9082XXUBMHA ————someone said this is the best build working smoothly on post
    I9082XXUBMK3 ———— this is the last one released by samsung and has gallery problem

    I personally have the I9082XXUBMK3 version and after disabling the Gallery its working as smooth as silk. But as some one discussed on the same post that I9082XXUBMHA is the one which was loaded by the service center people and that works smoothly.

    Let us decide for once and for all which Build Number from the one given above should we load in our SGG Duos to eradicate all the problems?

    Ashutosh you take the lead here. Others shall join you.

    Answer to this shall resolve our issues instead of discussing about the various Build Numbers and their pros and cons.

    • The second last firmware was good at the start and looked promising. However over time it started to get slow and hang a bit. So i recommended the update. I got my handset upgraded to the latest firmware from Samsung Service center. However the latest one seems to have a bug for the memory. This was also seen earlier in the third last firmware you mentioned.

      Now i would recommend you to have the latest firmware and install the Android 4.4 kitkat Launcher because it makes teh smartphone really smooth and to a surprise more responsive.

      I think Samsung woudl be coming up with an update very soon as many different version are being released for different regions which earlier were on these firmware. Hence i too expect to get a patched firmware sooner or later.

  36. Hi Ashutosh,
    I had already updated my Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos to Android 4.2.2 (Build Number: I9082XXUBMK3 ) via Wifi

    Now when i want to reinstall the same Android 4.2.2 Update (Build Number: I9082XXUBMK3 ) via Samsung Kies, it shows that the current firmware and the available update is the same and it does not download the new update.

    What do i do to force the Samsung Kies to download the Android 4.2.2 Update(Build Number: I9082XXUBMK3 ) on my PC?

    Is ODIN the only way left for me?

    • first of all i would request you to comment on only one post for one topic. I have seen you listing more than one post with same comment or querying for same matter. For the backup you can use Samsung kies. Nothing is better than that. And for reinstalling, try selecting the firmware upgrade and initialisation option from the tools options. this should work.

      I would be registering your email for the forum you will get a password and you can reset it from your profile option.

    • No, you do not need to be rooted to install the official version from Samsung via ODIN.

      Rooting is only required if you are willing to install something which is not officiaaly available for you from the manufacturer of your smartphone.

  37. I am unable to hear opposite person voice during normal voice calls in my Samsung grand. My speakers and mic is working good only. I can hear opposite person voice while making internet calls such as viber and all. so I dont know wats wrong with my mobile. plz help.

    • I would advice you to make a backup and do a complete reset of the device. After that restore the backup. See if the problem is rectified. In case if the problem still persists then visit the neareset Samsung Service centre to get it corrected.

      • Hi Heena, Hope you have checked the volume level in My device –> Sound–> Volume —-> …All should be full..Pl check this prior to resetting..If all are set on full then you can go ahead with back up and hard reset.

        • Thanks for the tip Uday. though, I assumed it might be up since she gets the volume up during the internet calls. However its always good to go though every thing.

  38. It is truly a great and useful piece of information.
    I’m satisfied that you shared this helpful information with
    us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank youu
    for sharing.

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