How To Prevent Google’s Country Redirection

Google works hard to show you relevant results. But sometimes it’s attempt lead to results we are not lloking for. You might have noticed, pilule whenever you are trying to open a new Google.Com page I yoru browser, ambulance it gets redirected to country specific Google page which in our case is Google.Co.In .

So it becomes really hard to do a search on Google.Com because at the end you will be getting redirected to your regional page. And frankly talking about me there have been times when I just wanted to perform a search on Google.Com rather than a but was unable to do so. So most of the time this question kept on bothering me that how to prevent Google country redirect or prevent Google from switching to country specific page. And at last, viagra order I figured out a really simple workaround for this.

If you are willing to stop Google from redirecting to your regional page, try out these simple steps and you are done.

How to stop Google from Redirecting to a Country’s specific Domain?
Google No redirection trick

  • Open up your browser and make sure you have cookies enabled. After that type the following url give below. Just add “/ncr” after . “ncr” stands for No Country Redirection.

  • And you are done. Yes, you heard it right. Once you open this page, you will see that you have the Google.Com page open rather than the redirection to your regional page. And from now whenever you will try to open Google.Com, it will always show you Google.Com only. So you just need to open the above mentioned URL once. That’s All.
[alert style=”green”] Note: In case you wish to revert back to the old redirection stuff, just delete all your cookies and try opening up Google.Com . It shall redirect you to your country specific Google Page. [/alert]

How to Delete Cookies From  a browser (Google Chrome)

Head over to history by pressing Ctrl+H . You will see a “Clear Browsing Data” [the top option]. Select that option and you will be shown few check box asking which one you want to delete. Just select the option “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data”. After that click on  “Clear browsing data”.

For Mozilla Users, head over to “Clear Recent History” by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del. Open details and select Cookies. After that Click on “Clear Now”.

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