How To Use Android Voice Commands – Top 20 Android Voice Action

We are in the era of smartphones. Loaded with tons of smart features and functionalities these are not the same phones which once used to be phones with hard keys and monochrome screens. Today what we have is w whole new level of technology which is really smart to make our life much easier with its smart features.

The Touch screen when first introduced by Apple on a large scale created a lot of buzz in the market as it was the first of its kind and made us touch and feel the technology in our hand. With continued improvements, and what we have today does not only operate at touch but can even be made to do different things just by some gestures of our hands and even our voice.

You might be surprised to know that the urge to include this voice recognition technology started long back even before the first iPhone was launched. Yes you read it right. Click here to know the story and the person behind Apple’s Siri voice.

This whole voice thing created a magical feel in the smartphone where you just need to command like a boss to your smartphone and it will perform the task like a obedient employ. Who does not likes to be the boss? This voice recognition feature has a lot of scope and we soon will be seeing this implemented in most of the gadgets around us.

How To Use Android Voice Commands

Android Voice command

Android voice commands were also designed for users who are too busy for the moment or in their daily schedules and wanted their smartphones to perform tasks while they were driving or preparing food etc.

With this technology being a part of your android smartphone, case it is really easy to perform tasks which might have been impossible the other way. For example if you want to make an urgent call but you are driving and you will definitely not want to get your eyes off the road, store Well in this case you just need to connect your smartphone to your car’s stereo, and then wake up your voice assistant in your smartphone either by pressing the icon for that or use the special command you may have set to wake it up any moment without touching it. Once it is on, you can make your calls or take notes and whatever you wish to do.

Top 20 Android Voice Action

Given below is a list of few Android voice commands which are being used the most. We are here to tell you how to use them and what it will do.
1. The Google Search
As the name suggests, this command will help you perform Google Search for your query. This also happens when you spoke something but your voice assistant could not understand what you are saying. In this case It simply google’s the query to provide you with the most relevant results.

2. Opening an App
suppose you have a huge list of apps installed on your android smartphone. In this case searching for a particular app may be irritating. Well, here your voice assistant will help you. Just launch it and say “open (app’s name). For eg. “Open Google Chrome”. This will launch Google Chrome.

3. Calling a Friend
If you want to make a call to your friend but your hands are too busy at the moment to dial the person name manually or select from the contacts options or call log, just launch your voice assistant and say  “call (your friend’s name)”. For eg. “Call Hugh Jackman”.

4. Browsing Web

You can even open websites using this android voice command “Go To” followed by the website URL. For example if you wish to visit Google.Com then just launch your voice assistant and say “go to”

5. Setting an Alarm
If you are willing to set an alarm for let’s say 6 O’ clock in the morning, you can do this by launching your voice assistant and saying “Set alarm for 7 am”. If you just want to say it for a time half an hour or so from now then you can say “Set alarm for 30 minutes from now”.

6. Sending a message
If you are willing to send someone a text message, you don’t even need to type the messages, Just launch your voice assistant and then use the android voice command “Send SMS to (person’s name) message (message content). For eg. “Send SMS to Mark, message, Facebook is Great”.

7. Calling a Number
If the person you want to call is not in your name list and is just a number, you just need to say “ call “ followed by the mobile number.

8. Navigation
You can also use your android smartphone’s voice assistant to navigate to different places. For eg. For going to a particular place just say “Navigate to (Place name). This would also tur on the GPS system of your device.

9. Take a Self-note
Taking a note would have never been so easy. You just need to launch your voice assistant and say “note to self” followed by the note. For eg. Note to self, Party at 8”.

10. Send E-mail
You can also send emails using your voice assistant by saying the android voice command “send email to (contact name)” and then “subject” followed by the “message”. For eg. “send e-mail to Will, subject Review, After Earth was great”. [Note : For this feature to work, the person name you are speaking should have its email id saved in your contact.]

11. Add a calendar event
To add a calendar event the android voice command required is “Create a calendar event” Followed by the event detail. For eg. Create a Calendar event, Sister’s birthday party at home, Tuesday at 8’o clock”.

12. Post an update on Google Plus
You can even post your messages to social networking site Google Plus and if you have authorized your device from like I have done with my Galaxy Grand Duos, then using your voice assistant and Android voice command you can also post to them. You just need to say “Post to Google Plus” and your message. For ex. Post to Google Plus, Finally everything is complete.

13. Define a Word
If you are willing to define a word you are not knowing about just launch you voice assistant and use the android voice command “Define” along with the word you want to be defined. For eg. Define Procrastination.

14. What’s this Song?
Suppose you are listening to some song and then you liked it and are willing to know about it. Just launch the voice assistant and use the android voice command “What’s This Song” After this your android smartphone will listen to the song and will present you with the related stuff about that song from the music store.

15. Scan a Barcode
if you have a barcode app installed on your android smartphone, you can launch it by saying open followed by it’s name or just say “Scan a barcode”.

16. Listen to a particular song
If you have a huge list of songs in your device then looking for a particular song may be time taking, Simply launch your voice assistant and say this android voice command “Listen to” along with the track name or artist or album name.

17. View a map
If you are willing to view Map of a particular location, you can perform this action by the android voice command “Map of” along with the location name.

18. Get Directions
To fetch directing to a particular location, you just need to say “Get direction” along with the name of yoru destination.

19. Play
To play a particular song you can even use the android voice command “Play” followed by the song name.

20. Set an Appointment
Use your voice assistant to schedule an appointment via the Android voice command “Schedule appointment with” along with the contact name, “at” followed by the time and date.

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