How To Download YouTube Videos on Android Smartphones

YouTube is the largest video library where you can find video for anything you search for. There has been many times when we wanted to download a video we watched and save in for our personal video collection. When you are on desktop, cure you have plethora of options via which you can download and save YouTube videos. But when we are taking about and Android Smartphones, drugs then most of us are not aware of how to download YouTube videos on Android Phone.

Though Google Play Store is full of apps to help you download YouTube videos on android smartphone, dosage However after searching and testing a bunch of apps, we are with the one name which most of you would like.

How to Download YouTube videos on Android Phones?

download youtube videos on android smartphone

TubeMate YouTube Downloader is the best YouTube Video Downloader for an Android Smartphone. The only problem with this app is that it is not available officially via the Play Store. But, we have tested it and it definitely works like a charm.

Head over to TubeMate. Once you are there, the best place to download is from the android freeware.

Once you download the .apk file. Click on it to install it. You may get a security warning, as by default you cannot install apps from unknown location (that is apps which are not from play store). For installing these types of apps,

Head over to Setting Options>>and then to Security. Look for an option which says “Allow installation from unknown source”. You can ignore this for TubeMate YouTube Downloader. Check that Allow Installation option box to allow the installation.

You may also revert back to original settings after installing the Tubemate, because we assure you of this app that it will not cause any problem but other may so it’s better to keep the settings which came with your device.

Once the app is installed, open it. The UI of Tubemate, resembles the YouTube Website Mobile Layout. You can see new videos and can also search for videos you want to download.

  1. Once you have any video which you want to download. Look for a green arrow button on tthe top or below and click that.
  2. It will present you with some pre-downloading options, like which video quality you want to get your video in. You also have the option to save it as MP3 file so no need to convert separately. Once everything is selected according to your choice. Tap on green arrow again to download.

Note: You will always have to keep an eye on any update for this apps. Its not like the apps from your play store so you will have to put a little effort to update it.

This is the simplest way to download the YouTube videos on android device? Share with us any other apps which you thinks works the same or in a better way. We would love to share that with our viewers.

Download | Via Android Freeware

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