How to Embed Facebook Posts On Website/Blog

This time, viagra buy its something for my blogger friends. Recently Facebook made a lot of changes and is working even now to make FB a better place. Facilitating Bloggers and other Website owners, site Facebook rolled out a feature via which you can embed a Facebook Post directly in your post. So now no need to write anything you have seen on FB, doctor This way the content seems to be little bit more genuine since we do not need to put an extra effort to state the source of the news.

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Facebook embedding of post works in the same way as you have updated status on your wall. It has all the features of liking and commenting and whenever anyone will comment on your website or on the original FB wall it will be shown on both the places.

Even the display of the embedded content would be similar as it appears on FB, with hashtags and videos etc. Not only this, just like you have embedded your posts from FB, any person can use the same way to embed the post directly from your article and get the code for embedding the posts.

Note: The only glitch of condition with this feature is that you can embed only those posts which are shared publicly, which definitely makes sense and prevent the privacy from being violated in case anyone shares a post only for few people to be read it. For knowing if the post is public or not, just mouse pointer on the icon as shown in the pic.

Embed Facebook Post

How to Embed Facebook Posts on Website/Blog:

Okay so once you find a post of your interest which you want to embed, verify for the post to be shared publicly like the way I told you. Once you have verified it, click on the little dropdown arrow at the right hand corner of the post.

Embed Facebook Post

You will see a new feature which would say “Embed Post”. Select that and you would be shown a popup box with the code you need to place on your website of Blog.

Embed Facebook Post
Few things to be taken care of while embedding the post.

  • As already mentioned, Only public posts are allowed to be embedded.
  • One more thing you need to keep you in mind is that, if there are any changes made to the post like editing it or even deleting it, it would be show the editing work or will get deleted from the embedded page as well. After being deleted, it will show “It’s No Longer Available”.
  • Size or saying into blogging terminologies, dimension of the post would be similar as on Facebook and it cannot be altered.
  • Long post would be truncated and a see more option would be added in the last, just as you may have seen on Facebook.
  • Videos Posts can also be played directly from your site as you play on Facebook.

Note for wordpress users : If you have trouble embedding the post, we would recommend you to first complete the article with all the formatting and image placement etc, and then copy the code you obtained earlier, switch to text view and paste the code wherever you wish the post to appear and publish it directly without switching to the visual mode, as this may alter the code.

Now you can see the post. Make sure you are not logged in as any Facebook Page admin and you are using FB via your profile. In case you are logged in as any page, you will get the option to switch back to your Facebook Profile.

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