Galaxy S5 – Expected Specification & Features [With Video]

Samsung Galaxy S5 – The next upcoming smartphone in Samsung’s Flagship series has already started making buzz even before an official comment on the smartphone.

Gadget’s enthusiast and animators have started making concept videos about how the smartphone gonna look and what features it may portray. Among those there are some videos which are just too fancy to be true. After entertaining myself with a bit of those videos, decease I came across a videos which may somehow resembles “The Next Big Thing or as Samsung say’s Designed for Humans.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept video

The video does not show any fancy stuff in Samsung Galaxy S5 while portraying its features and specification. Rather, the features and specification of Samsung Galaxy S5 shown here are being expected, since Samsung’s rival companies like HTC, Apple and others have already done something like this, so Samsung would either be stepping up with these or may be doing something better to sustain the smartphone war with their next big thing.

My review on Samsung Galaxy S5 Video

This video is pretty much fair enough and depicts something which can be true. But however, what I think is Samsung may not experiment a curved look with their flagship smartphone. People are still adjusting with the curved thing and it would take time for these smartphones to be used and purchased as flat smartphones are. The video project that the smartphone would be bendable by 30degress. Now this is something which may seem a fancy thing, that is something which may be a part of Concept video only but this is not that fancy. However I still think that this would not be a part of the smartphone.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification and Other Fetaures.

Talking about the other features, 64bit architecture may be true as just after Apple’s iphone release, Samsung reported that it was working on 64 bit according to the sources, and Galaxy S5 would be the best smartphone to start and unleash the 64bit architecture power.

The video alleges the display of Samsung Galaxy S5 to be 2K HD screen with Super Amoled display and resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Along with this a mammoth 4,000mAh battery packed inside is also being rumoured.

Even the camera being expected in the smartphone is pretty much fair. It would be coming with 13MP camera at least. However 4K video support is little doubtful. Last time, when Galaxy S4 was released which seemed a upgraded version over S3, failed to create a X factor. So Galaxy S5 may be doing a complete new thing by introducing 4K video support which is recommended after HTC already launched this feature in their premium smartphone.

Android 4.4 KitKat is the expected version as almost every other premium smartphone has already started getting this update, so it would be fair enough for Samsung, only if they will be releasing the Smartphone with latest one. KitKat is though sure enough to be a part of Samsung Galaxy S5 but what is more fascinating and talked is what features the next version of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI would be bringing.

An Octa-Core processor, may be the Exynos one, along with 3GB of RAM configuration as seen in Note 3 may be following the hardware build. Also 16GB or 32GB internal memory is being expected. We may also see the same stitched leather pattern as seen in Note 3 on the back panel.

All this features and the video will surely make a Gagdet’s lover specially Samsung Smartphone lovers drool. This was all which may be a part of the next big thing – “ Samsung Galaxy S5” . However the magic wand lies in the Samsung’s Hand and only they know how and what spells they would be casting and what would be the result of that.

Hoping to see something which may be termed as the Next – Gen smartphone. Eyes on Samsung.

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3 thoughts on “Galaxy S5 – Expected Specification & Features [With Video]

  1. Well another one from Samsung..Probably a time will come when we see only 1 brand in market and all other vanished .That would be samsung with the pace that its going.Hope they dont reach a dead end. I strongly feel they should really work on the battery life of all their existing as well as new upcoming smart phones as its the grey area.With loads of features being parked in the phone a good improved high end battery life should click..

    • They would not be reaching a dead end for sure. Adn agree with your point of the battery life. They do need to work to improve it. All the features and other aspects can only be played with a great battery backup. Otherwise the user may be pissed off rather than being impressed.

  2. I just hope this one is unique and much better than the its predecessors, i say this because the S4 was so much like the s3 the new features included were not enough to give it a unique edge. Plus those new features, one seldom uses it in day to day life.

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