Samsung Galaxy SIV Review

Recently launched Samsung Galaxy s4 “THE NEXT BIG THING” has been in news for a long time.  I need to mention that in spite of such a big hype of this phone being launched and so pre assumptions about this SmartDevice, I must say it stills lacks that xFactor which can give this device a unique place in everyone’s wishlist.

Giving a deeper thought this device may be just said as a good improvement on its predecessors and any person owning Samsung galaxy SIII or some other brand’s beast devices will not take much time to reject this device from their wish list but may be the best choice as the first Smartphone

Being a user of galaxy grand I also don’t have this phone on my wish list as this is missing it WOW thing in it. I don’t deny the fact that this device has some really cool features to play with and capability to keep a SmartPhone user busy.

Some of the best of SIV features explained:

Smart Pause & Scroll: The brand took the Smart stay feature of its predecessor Galaxy SIII to a greater height by introducing this feature. Smart pause feature ensures that the video on the device is being played only when you are looking on it and pauses if you start looking at some other place. Smart scroll features scrolls the screen up and down based on the movement of your retina.

Air Gesture: this is a really smart feature given by Samsung which may also make you feel as a man with some magic In his hands. This features allows you to scroll the screen with a wave of hand over the screen without touching it.

Group Play:  This is a feature which will allow connectivity among all your friends having SIV. You will be able to share images videos and can also play the same game in multiplayer mode. A step ahead of the Bluetooth but dedicated to SIV users.

S-Voice Drive:  You all might be aware of the S voice till now. This adds on more functionality to command your device while driving.

S-Health:  This feature will tell you about the daily workouts, your blood pressure and its glucose level and other health related stuffs. Pretty cool. You got a Doc in your device.

Temperature and Humidity sensors: Moving a step a ahead this device has got built in sensors to know the exact climatic conditions of your surroundings so now you don’t need to setup a place and have a internet connection to update it for the conditions. This has just been made completely automatic by Samsung.

Dual camera features:  This device has got 13-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front cameras with some really smart and new camera features lying in this device to be explored by you.

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