Interesting Stats About Smartphones [InfoGraphics]

We are here with our very first infographics co-produced by GeekyGadgetWorld and CouponAudit. We have been busy these days collecting information about some interesting stuffs an data regarding smartphone users in the present time. We have covered almost every aspect which might be a point of curiosity for you.

In our research and infographics we have also included the market dominations of each company at present, try the number of smartphone users in this whole world and estimated timings to get that number double the present.  What changes in the numbers were brought by the advent of iOS and Android popularity.

To be frank, you don’t even need to read these words to get the details of what the infographics says. Everything has been clearly depicted to give you all the data you may be seeking in your very first stare on the infographics. Some of those data may also surprise you as we were. These data has been collected from a number of reputable and trustworthy sources which finally got their place on the infographics.

I must thank CouponAudit for helping me with all the data and the creation of infographics.

Interesting Stats About Smartphones [InfoGraphics]

Interesting stats about smartphones
This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Express coupon) and Geeky Gadget World – Your Personal Gadget Sector.

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