How to lock keyboard and mouse without locking PC screen

Have you ever been in a situation when you were with your friends watching movies and someone who is not that much interested in watching that movie and is more interested in making you irritated? You might have stopped them several times yelling at them to stop playing with the mouse or may be the keyboard which may have disturbed the ongoing movie or any other running app, buy cialis you didn’t want to be interfered.

May be not with your friends but this does happen when you have a small kid around you who would be playing around and you cannot make them understand and neither yell at them. If you have ever been in a situation, diagnosis you must have wished for any way to lock your mouse and keyboard, viagra order and let the app or movie running onscreen perform as it is doing.

Till date you knew only to put your computer to sleep mode or may be shut down and get some spare time to complete that remaining movie part but then interest is not that much. We are here with a smarter way via which you can lock down only your mouse keyboard while on screen will function as it is.

This is very useful in case you are watching a movie and by mistakenly someone or may be by your hand some buttons are pressed in your mouse or may be keyboard and you got disturbed. Other situation which most of us would never want to be in is, you might be downloading a hefty file and a keystroke canceled it when it was about to complete.

Enough of these reasons. Here is a simple tip via which you can lock down you Keyboard and mouse and prevent all the conditions and scenarios you wanted to avoid earlier.

Let me tell you, we are not locking up your pc, in this case your screen is also locked. We are with something more smarter.

Lock Keyboard and Mouse

For accomplishing this you need to download a small software named “KeyFreeze – A JitBit Software”. As the name suggest, it freezes your keys. This means that your mouse and Keyboard will be locked and any clink on that will not interrupt your ongoing tasks being shown on the screen. You can lock your mouse and the keyboard without locking your screen.

How to lock your keyboard and mouse in just 2 steps using KeyFreeze?

  1. Download KeyFreeze [Link Below].Once you download the software, install it and look for the desktp shortcut.
  2. Double tap on that and it will give you 5 seconds time to put the screen you want to see on the top. Once the five seconds is over, your mouse and keyboard will be locked and the screen will show you the application you put on top.

Once you lock it, you might be wondering how to unlock your keyboard and mouse?

  1. You need to remember the keyword combo. It’s the same you have been using to access the task manager in MS windows. The key combination goes as ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’. Press this combination and your keyboard and mouse lock will be removed and you can carry out your tasks normally again.

Download KeyFreeze Software For Free

 This is a simple way to lock your keyboard and mouse using KeyFreeze Software.

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