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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is all in one software for any video related operation like video editing, creating your DVD, or converting videos to one of the many optional formats available.

At present, ask we have a plethora of video conversion software but not all can be termed as the best to be used on a daily basis. Thanks to Wondershare.Com for providing me a license key to review their product. To be precise, before the review I was thinking, what unique feature a video converter software will have to offer compared to other. I wasn’t expecting much difference, until I really used it.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Reviewed

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Wondershare Video converter Ultimate if to be summed up in few words, is not only a video conversion software but the only software you need for performing different operations on videos other than conversion. You get simple video edit tools and also DVD burning option with built in 11 templates which allows you to create DVD menus.

Let’s Grab a look at the set of features and tabs provided in Wondershare Video Converter Ulitimate.

Video Converter

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

“Covert” Tab is the first tab, which provides you the most basic feature present in any video converter, i.e. converting of videos from one format to another format.

wondershare video converter ultimate input output format

Some of the features of this tab is that, it provides you drag and drop option which allows you to simply select a file from windows explorer and simply drag and drop it into the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate’s video conversion interface.

wondershare video converter ultimate load files option

You might need to place both the windows viz. File Explorer and Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate side by side to facilitate easy drag and drop. Alternatively you can also load your files via “+ Add Files” option present on the top.

If you have files on your DVD, you can simply load them via ‘Load DVD’ and this will grab your video files from the DVD. Not only this, you can also load files from ISO files and IFO files. No need to mount the DVD image files via some softwares, rather you can use them directly in this software to grab the video files.

In short, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has incorporated almost all possible ways to list and add files for conversion purpose. This is pretty much impressive. I personally liked the feature of adding files from ISO and IFO files directly ( A feature which is not present in most of the video converters.)

Coming back to the format in which you can have your videos converted. To be precise, there are a plethora of options in which you can convert your videos. Most of the time we are converting videos for our smartphones, and we do not know which one would suit the best for our smartphone. Wondershare makes it easier for you to select the best format for your device, by listing down some of the famous and premium smartphones in the options for output format. So, you can easily locate your smartphone among the many (each smartphone listed and categorized under the company’s brand), select the smartphone, Click on Convert and let the Wondershare video converter ultimate do the rest of the work. You can also merge all the videos being converted to one file.

wondershare video converter ultimate convert tab

Previously, Wondershare lacked the HTC Smartphones default templates, but they took this problem listed by many seriously and also listed some of the top smartphones from HTC on their output format list.

wondershare video converter ultimate available video format

Not only smartphones but it also includes tabs like iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and also gadgets like  PSP, PS3, Xbox 360 etc. As already mentioned, the list is never ending.

The conversion being tested resulted in faster output than other video converters which I have used before. And being true, the conversion rate was really impressive. Not only the conversion rate was great, but also the quality of the converted video is awesome and stood intact on my expectations.

However when using the subtitle feature turned on for the output file and also when using brand’s premium products for the required output format, the resultant output file showed a whooping size with considerable increase the output file size as well. Even though under the same terms and condition, when used with other converters, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate still turned out to be a clean winner in terms of the output file size and in terms of the time taken to complete the task and size of the file generated. Also these were the best settings for the particular device, hence resulted in a big size with increased conversion time, hence the size and the time was pretty much acceptable.

wondershare video converter ultimate video edit tools

As a bonus, you also get video editing tools which comprise of options like Trim, Crop, Effect, Watermark and Subtitle. All these takes place in a editing popup window and once your editing finishes, you can go back to main window by clicking OK.

DVD Burner

wondershare video converter ultimate dvd menu burn

Moving on to the second tab, we have “DVD Burner” tab. It also comes with the same Drag and Drop feature. You can simply list you files via drag and drop, choose the format for your DVD menus among the 11 inbuilt templates, customize you DVD background, aspect ratio, and burn it to any DVD or make any ISO file.

Video Downloader

wondershare video converter ultimate donwload option

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate also comes with download option. It provides you two options via which you can download videos from internet. You can either copy and paste the video link in the “Add URL” options, or you can install “Wondershare Extension”. This extension integrates in your browser and whenever you will open a video, you will get video download option directly  on your browser. If you have ever used IDM (Internet Download Manager), then the way IDM provides you the download option on your browser windows, in the same wasy Wondershare also provides you the same option. Once you click on the option, it will list you the file type and format in which you want to download it.

wondershare video converter ultimate chrome extension

Summing up my words and the review, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is all in one and may turn out to be the only software you need to for video related stuff. Whether be its video conversion, or video editing or creating your own DVD with your videos, you just need only one software and that “Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate”. No need to install a dozen of softwares for performing these tasks. Why to do so, when you can do all these stuffs via only one software. One more important feature is this software is that, it supports both Windows and Mac versions, hence no worries which one you got, You can always have Wondershare VideoConverter Ultimate running on our system.

Let me warn you, this software may be addicting one you start using it. I can say this, because, it is really addicting and to be frank I install all video related other software which I used earlier for stuffs like video editing converting and then creating my video DVDs.

Is Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Free to Download? Well to answer this, Yes it is free to download, and you can use this on a trail basis to test this software. But you need to purchase the license key to avail and unlock all the features of this software for the long run.

You can avail the pro features for Windows Platform via two options listed below.

wondershare video converter ultimate yearly subscription wondershare video converter ultimate lifetime license

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Giveaway

Wondershare Official Link Wondershare Official Link For Windows User Wondershare Official Link For Mac Users
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is all in one software for any video related operation like video editing, creating your DVD, or converting videos to one of the many optional formats available.

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