Galaxy Gear Price Cuts In India : News Update

Recent reports suggested that Samsung would be throwing off some numbers from Samsung Galaxy Gear price tag – “The smartwatch unveiled by the tech giant last year in September”. We tried to find if this galaxy gear price dropping news was really true or not.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Price Dropped in India

Samsung Galaxy Gear Price Cut

[Article Updated : 30th Jan, 2014]

Samsung official site [India] which was earlier listing the Samsung Galaxy Gear Price as 22,990, has now revised the price listing and now marks up at Rs 19,075. After a bit of math one can easily see galaxy gear price dropping by Rs 3,915.

Galaxy Grand Duos faces further price cut and recieves price of 15,290 Rs. Yes, you heard it right, Galaxy Gear Smartwatch price is now just 15,290 Rs. Though the reports are claiming it to be 14,990 but the official Samsung Indian eStore lists 15,290 Rs. Seeing the original price of 22,990 INR, its a 7,700 Rs. price rebate which we get. We would also like to report that the official store lists Galaxy Gear as “NOT IN STOCK”

Is this price drop appreciable ?

To answer this question, well, I personally think that this price drop is appreciable. Dropping it by approx 7,700 INR, it really makes up its position for being opted by more number of people for their wishlist. However, Number of supported device are very limited. so this would not make much difference though.

As of now Samsung’s Smartwatch – Galaxy Gear works only  with Samsung’s smartphones running on Android 4.3 and above. Samsung claimed to have sold 8,00,000 units globally though it didn’t mark up dedicated figure of sale for India.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Complete Detail

Very often we see some news in Rumour Zone popping out news which makes us intuitive. the recent buzz suggest that soon we will be meeting the next version of Galaxy Gear – That is Galaxy Gear 2. Also the buzz zone is filled up with “Apple being working on an iOS based smartwatch”. Though none of them are officially confirmed but still these are something which are something acceptable. The only thing not known is that when they will be official.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is said to be including more functions and supports a wide range of devices. However till the time it will be released, Android JellyBean would be the least Android OS version, a majority of Android smartphone would be running on. And also any version before JellyBean would already feel outdated as 4.4 update have already started rolling out and reports suggest that 1.4% of smartphones are already running this version.

We would though wait for official news before stating up words of surity.

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