Cortana – Windows Phone Voice Based Assistant Arriving Soon

Windows Phone currently are not going anywhere in terms of considerable improvements. And to be precise I hardly came over news in this long time about any Windows Phone OS related stuff.

Market is always preoccupied by rumors and other buzz about android, apple etc. , but Windows definitely has the least contribution to come up a rumor or any other thing which one may have an eye on or might be interesting enough for someone through his attention.

Cortana – Windows Phone Voice Based Assitant

cortana microsoft voice based assistant

Recent news popping up after a long time about Windows Phone OS is about an upcoming voice based assistant. We do had rumors earlier about this but the recent reports from MFSTNerd, a purported Microsoft source’s twitter handle kind of confirms this rumored voice assistant named as Cortana. If the source is to be believed then, the new voice assistant would be reaching out to the Lumia models in April this year.

Talking about Cortana, this will be voiced by Halo’s Jen Taylor. Jen Tylor is the one, who provided his voice behind Cortana – an artificial intelligence character in the Halo Game.

Windows though already have “TellMe” voice based assistant running in the Lumia models, but it seems Microsoft also do realize that it is in no terms comparable to Apple’s Siri or Google Now. Thus to offer its consumers a better option and in the urge of competing as the best voice assistant in a smartphone, Microsoft started working on this from September.

This voice assistant news was already rumored during screenshot leak of an windows phone. This was named as zCortana. Also The Verge reported along with some screenshot which made some of the functionalities of the upcoming voice based assistant clear. As far as we know, this assistant offers weather information, is location aware, informs you about notifications and calendar event, gives you alarm control and phone calls.

The new assistant may be coming with the Windows Phone 8.1 OS. The new OS turns out to portray two new feature, one is the Cortana (The voice based assistant) and the other one is a notification center which you be accessible via the same swipe from top to bottom as seen in Android.

What other features this Cortana may be including is yet to be found and can only be reported once its out. We will report you as soon as we get any new information about this. Stay Tuned.

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