Was HP Right While Bidding On HP Slate VoiceTabs

Okay so HP is back, order and if the California based company is to be believed, advice they took this gap from the smartphone segment to carry out research for their upcoming release so that they can get a good hold of the market.

With their earlier releases which were around 2011 failed to create a big place market share for the brand. Ever since then we didn’t saw any new release from HP till date. Hp recently unveiled two new 6inch and 7inch tablets named Slate VoiceTabs. Though they are termed to be tablets, buy with the screensize it has, it generally falls in phablet section which is already crowded with the Samsung (creator of the Phablet category) and other brands like Sony, LG etc.

 Can HP Slate VoiceTabs help HP grab a market share or not ?

Though other brands still think the 6inch size turns out to be for a smartphone or of a phablet, HP makes its releases to be tagged as a tablet which in our consideration a good thing and that’s the only thing which we liked about them.

HP Slate VoiceTabs

The real problem as far as I see in the two Slate VoiceTabs are that they portray calling capabilities. I personally think it would be really awkward for us to hold such a big device over our head and have some chit chat. It would really look strange to people nearby. This screen size will not only cover our ear but may even be covering the whole face with only few hairs showing off from the top.

HP says to first target the Indian market with their device. As per their research, Indians generally fall for big screen devices which is a true fact. As per a research over 30 percent of total smartphone in India comprises of the big screen devices. However the thing which HP seems to forget is what those big devices portray which make the buyers opt for them.

First of all Tablet are not meant for voice calling. This thing seems to be taken care by other brands.

Second a big screen device is purposely used for entertainment viz. watching high quality videos, movies, and HD video recordings. But HP latest release fails to include a full HD screen which kinds of hinders the entertainment factor.

Not to get o the other hardware details because they remain pretty much same with Andorid OS with no fancy overlays to make it more appealing, a 16GB memory with expandable slot, powered by a quad core processor etc.

The battery would last longer as we already said it lacks a HD screen, hence the tablet is safe in consuming the major portion of the battery in the display.

It seems HP new Slate VoiceTabs has included what one doesn’t need in a tablet but forgets the most important parts specially a full HD screen. Keeping this in mind I personally don’t think that HP would be able to make a stand in the market with already so many Galaxies (Thanks to Samsung for the overcrowding) and other brands phablets and tablets. It may fail to create a uniqueness or it may be just two unique with its features set for anyone to hardly notice or opt for it after knowing about it.

At this stage no matter what HP would be setting up on the price tag or what would be actual market price of HP Slate VoiceTabs, but I am pretty much sure, there would be many other offers for consumers which would be much more appealing and fascinating and will also provide a good value for money.

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