How To Root Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Given below are the procedures you need to follow to root your Galaxy Grand Duos smartphone and install CWM recovery on your device.

Once you do this, pilule your warranty would be nullified, ed so be sure before rooting your smartphone.

Steps to install CWM Recovery on Galaxy Grand DUOS GT-I9082

Samsung Galxy Grand Duos

Step-1: File to be downloaded is named . Download link at the end of the article. Also make sure to copy the SuperSU and Recovery Fix Zip file into external SD card of your smartphone.

Step-2: You will be needing ODIN for flashing this on your smartphone. Download link of ODIN at the end of the article. Download it and install it.

Step-3: Extract the downloaded recovery package to get CWM-touch_i9082_chotu.tar.md5 file

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Step-4: completely turn off the phone and then enter the download mode by pressing and holding Volume Down, price Power and Home buttons together. Once the logo appears, release the buttons. After that press Volume Up to continue in the download mode.

Step-5: now start the ODIN software on your device and connect your smatphone via USB cable to your computer and wait for the ODIN to detect it. Make sure you have your USB debugging option in the developer option marked and enabled. You will find the developer option in the Settings. In case you don’t see it, click the link below to know how to enable it.

Step-6: Once Odin detects the device, it will show you a message as added. Also ID: COM box in Odin will turn blue with COM port number indicating successful connection.

Note: In case if you don’t see a message then try a different USB port or reinstall USB drivers.

Step-7: Once you get the added message, click on PDA button in ODIN and select the CWM-touch_i9082_chotu.tar.md5 file which you extracted earlier.

Step-8: check mark F.Reset Time. Make sure NO other option is  CHECKED.

Step-9: Hit Start button in Odin. The installation process would take a few minutes to complete.

Note: If you get md5 hash value failed then rename the file as CWM-touch_i9082_chotu.tar and then try again.

Step-10: on successful completion it will show you PASS message. But the phone will stay at that mode. Now remove the backup panel and take out the battery. Wait for 5 seconds and reinsert the battery. After that enter into the recovery mode by directly pressing and holding Volume UP+HomeButton+Power button till you see it.

Once you complete the above procedure, you need to follow the steps below to be able to install custom ROMs.

Steps to Rooting the Phone

Step 1. Make sure you have the SuperSu and recovery Fix zip files which was mentioned earlier in your external SD card.

Step 2:  Since you are already in recovery mode, find the option “Install Zip From SD card”.

Step 3: Once you get the option “Install ZIP from SD Card”, Folloe the steps below.

Step 4: After selecting that option, Navigate and choose the file you copied – “Recovery Fix” file from your SD card. Once you select the file, the rooting will start. Once done, Go back and again remove yoru battery and after 5 seconds place your battery and again enter into recovery mode as done earlier. Press and hold volume up+home+power button. release when you see the logo.

Step 5: Once you are in recovery mode, again choose the option install from zip file and this time select the SuperSU file.

Step 6: Once complete, go back and select the option “Reboot System Now”. If it is not starting, then simply remove the battery and then after 5 seconds place the battery and restart the device normaly.

Now you have successfully rooted your galaxy grand duos and You may install custom ROMs now.

Note : If you get some problems once you install your CWM recovery mode and gets error in unzipping files, then you need to follow these steps.

How to remove and solve the No Command problem and File not unzipping problem in CWM recovery mode in Galaxy Grand Duos.

Step 1: You can try rerooting the device via the process mentioned above. You may also do a factory reset either by the option wipe cache parition and factory reset option in CWM recovery or via the phone options rom the settings. if that does not work. then follow step 2.

Step 2: I would recommend first, that you unroot your smartphone and restart the whole process. To do so download the stock firmware version for your galaxy grand duos. You can grab the link from Follow the link below to see how to flash stock firmware.

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Once installed, perform wipe cache partition and factory wipe operations. Once you have done this, you can follow the procedure shown above to root your device.

Once you have done all this. You may do a factory reset and Wipe cache partition to clear old stale files.

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9 thoughts on “How To Root Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

  1. What is the difference between the rooted and non rooted version of android 4.2.2 update?

    What features will go off after putting in this particular upgrade.

    Have u checked if any heating problem comes or not?

    • Rooting may increase the performance of the device however some features may not work properly. Custom Roms may bring additional functionalities or features. Generally Custom Roms are installed if you want to install an Android version which is not yet officially available for you.

      • Odin procedure is fine with me. The step I am nog able to go further. When I enter the recovery mode it welcomes me by saying ‘NO COMMAND’ is that how it comes? Or is anthing wrong? And next I select that su zip file from external sd card and it says Fail to verify whole signature…..

        • Hello there, Though i haven’t seen this problem, but after a bit of search i saw many people were facing the problem. The artcile has been updated in that respect. You can also see the note mentioned at the last on how to solve the no command problem.

  2. Hi Ashutosh! First of all thanks for ur blog. But I have already tried this many days back. And thereare few more steps we need to follow after the steps u have mentioned. Until the steps u have mentioned is fine. I mean in odin it is passed. But later on we need to go to recovery mode and unzip few zip file, were actually it fails. Not sure y… plz trigger it out.Thank u

    • I am sorry for the incomplete guide.. and thanks for mentioning it. I left the half part, which i have now updated. Try that and do let me know if it was successful this time or not.

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