Amazon Fire Phone: Pros and Cons



The new Amazon Fire Phone looks to have a solid foundation and bright sharp screen quality. It also has a very sensitive touchscreen that responds fast to human interaction, site which is what people love. The design of the Fire Phone features round edges that are covered with soft material, order even softer than the iPhone’s material. However, critics have speculated that the user interface is too cluttered for their liking. They also don’t like that it feels heavy because they would rather it feel like a toy. People have a choice of purchasing the phone for $650 with no contract or $199 with a two year contract through AT&T. As you can see, there are a lot of pros and cons to weigh in with this new Amazon Fire Phone. How will consumers ever decide if they should buy it or not?

The Fire Phone will truly be for people that extensively use their Amazon account. Meaning, they download a lot of books, music and videos from it. With the Fire Phone, you will be able to link directly into your Amazon account and access all of the digital products that you have already bought. It is kind of similar to the structure of the Apple iPhone, which allows people to connect to their Apple accounts and access the digital products they have purchased under it. The Fire Phone will also allow you to make more digital purchases from your Amazon account as well. Plus, everyone who purchases the Fire Phone will receive a free one year membership to Amazon Prime. This means you can get some free movies from the video section of the Amazon store with your Prime membership and then watch them right on your phone. However, the most impressive and original feature of the Fire Phone is the Firefly camera. This is a back camera that can actually recognize items that it sees and then provides you with links to information about those items. It can even find product information on a product that it sees, like where to buy it.

If you are somebody that doesn’t have an Amazon account or hasn’t really used it for any purchases, then you may not think the Fire Phone is a good investment. This is especially true if you have already purchased an iPhone or another smartphone. If you want to make Amazon purchases with these other smartphones then you can still download the Amazon app, which is available for the iOS and Android operating systems. With the phone being as expensive as an iPhone, you will certainly want to consider your needs before purchasing it.

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