Moto 360 Smartwatch Gets an Early Price Tag


Motorola is about to release their new Smartwatch called “Moto 360, sildenafil ” which is powered by Google’s operating system. Before new technological gadgets get released to the public, ampoule there is generally speculation about how much the cost of the product is going to be. Unfortunately, clinic Motorola made a mistake by accidentally releasing the actual price of the Moto 360 on the product page of Best Buy’s website. If you didn’t know, Best Buy is an electronics store that sells all the newest top of the line computers and electronic gizmos. On the Best Buy website, they had already created a product page for the Moto 360 with a price tag of about $250. With the actual price being revealed, this gives consumers the chance to compare the prices amongst other Smartwatch brands and then likely go with the cheaper one. The $250 price tag on the Moto 360 is more money than the Gear Live Smartwatch offered by Samsung. The price for the Gear Live is only $199.

Best Buy’s product page for the Moto 360 has recently been taken down after the accident was noticed and made public. Before the page was taken down, it still revealed the specifications of the Moto 360. It is going to have a neat 320×920 circular glass display, a pedometer and a built-in heart rate monitor. The release date had not been revealed and there have been no announcements on that yet. Motorola held a contest for developers to design possible watch faces that would go on the Moto 360. The winner is going to get a free Moto 360 smartwatch when it is released. What’s also interesting is that they revealed in the fine print of the contest that the watch is valued at about $250, which matches the price tag that was first revealed on the Best Buy product page for the device. On September 4th of this year, Motorola plans to release more information about the Moto 360 product, like when it will be released. As for consumers, they are likely going to still buy the Moto 360 even if it is more expensive than the competitors’ smartwatches. American consumers usually care about two things when it comes to their gadgets, the visual appeal and the features it contains. Surprisingly, price is not the number one thing people look for in America. So, Motorola may have success selling their Moto 360 after all. After September 4th, better predictions can be made about this.

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