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Home security options have certainly improved within the last 10 years. Now there is a new wireless security system for homeowners called “Blink.” This system uses a sync module to transmit information from its video camera to a cloud database hosted by the Blink Company. This cloud will store all of the recorded data from the video feed. That way, price users can download the video if they have a break-in and need to see what happened. The security system also includes motion sensory detection, story night vision, erectile heat sensory detection and a microphone to pick up sound. The cloud even provides users with phone access, streaming video to their mobile device and alerts if any unusual detection is picked up by the system. Since the security system does not use any power cables, it can be moved around and adjusted easily by the owner to fit their needs. Blink has received over $500,000 in donations on Kickstarter to get this project off the ground.

Technology has actually gotten to the point now where it can provide companionship to people. The new JIBO robot is the first step in creating physical artificial intelligence that people can see and hear. JIBO looks like nothing more than a little fan that you would sit on your office desk. In actuality, it is a robot that can memorize faces as well as voices of the people it interacts with most often. For example, if you were to buy this for your home then it would memorize what your family looks like and how they sound. What’s really neat about JIBO is that it is always learning new things. It can even communicate with other devices in the household for things like email, lighting and voicemail. JIBO also has a built-in digital camera that can take photographs and record video. And just like with smartphones, developers will be able to create apps for JIBO to give it more functionality. On Indiegogo, this JIBO technology has raised more than $1 million. It is safe to say that the demand for this device is quite high.

When most people think of technology associated with sleeping, they often think of an alarm clock of some kind. But, how about a device that tracks how you sleep and plays relaxing sounds to help you get to sleep? That is what the new “Sense” device will do for you. Sense comes with a “Sleep Pill,” which clips onto the pillow you sleep on at night. Then every time you toss and turn, it will keep track of those movements. It will even record sounds that you might involuntarily be making in the middle of the night. Then, of course, it can wake you up at an appropriate time that gets determined by your sleep cycle. When you wake up, Sense will give you a score based on how well you slept that night. Makers of this device have received over $2 million in donations on Kickstarter. There must be a lot of people out there that have trouble sleeping!




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  1. This is really an interesting gadget and its compact size is getting me crazy. I’m going to know more about it and also going to check its Kickstarter campaign.. Thanks for sharing!!

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