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The technological world is changing very fast and it is important to stay updated on the most recent news associated with it. Some of the news is about new technological innovations while others are just about people who are associated with tech companies. For example, buy did you know that the Samsung Company just paid around $200 million for something called “SmartThings, drug ” which is a new innovation in Smarthouse technology? That must mean Smarthomes are going to be more common soon. As for Apple, decease there are always new rumors coming out about their newest products, like the iPhone 6 and iWatch. One rumor is that they will use a scratch resistant surface for the display instead of just glass. Either way, people will certainly buy the newest Apple products.

Snapchat-Logo            In the news of technology competitors, Snapchat has a new competitor for its mobile photo and video messaging application. This competitor is software giant, Microsoft, which has just released their own version of Snapchat called “WindUp.” This application will be able to send videos, temporary photos, audio messages and texts back and forth between users who have this application installed on their mobile device. Speaking of apps, there is a new app for the iPhone called “Humin.” The concept behind Humin is to allow you to remember the name of someone you just met and put it in your iPhone’s contact list. All you have to do is add the person’s phone number into your contact list and the app will give you the name of the person, when you met them and where. If they have a social media account, then it will even upload a picture of them to your phone automatically.

A young entrepreneur and millionaire, Ryan Allis, has written 1,284 slides on how to succeed in life. Obviously, people criticize the amount of slides he needed to use to explain that. For those of you who frequent Facebook, you might be interested to know that Sam Lessin, who is the vice president of product management, is leaving. Though this may not mean much for the site, it could hint that better opportunities for social media workers are being found elsewhere. In lighter news, the payment processor “Square” has written blog posts to defend themselves about myths and rumors people have started about their company.

Technology news is always interesting and is changing by the day. Even the smallest bit of news can turn into something big for a device or application. Staying up to date on the news will allow you to catch up and know what is going to be released.



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  1. Hey, WindUp is real? I wasn’t aware of its presence. I only heard about Facebook’s app which was alternative to Snapchat and now Microsoft is also into the same. This clearly means that Snapchat was a success.. 🙂

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