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On January 14, 2015
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The poor global economy still has people looking for the most affordable mobile devices around. When it comes to Smartphones and tablets, viagra buy the average phone will likely cost around $400-$500. This creates a great opportunity for companies, such as Amazon, to develop a cheaper tablet that still contains the same functionality of the more expensive ones. The first Amazon Fire tablet with an Android operating system was priced at $200. It was not even that attractive to consumers, neither visually or performance wise. But it was one of the more affordable brand name tablets on the market, and also proved that Amazon could be more innovative than just developing e-readers. Now they are creating better tablet models that still remain affordable at the same time.

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Amazon has recently released its newest tablet, which is the cheapest model yet. Their new Fire HD tablet with a 6 inch screen is priced at $100. They also have a 7 inch model that is priced at $140. Both prices are still cheaper than any new tablet on the market today. Visually, they do not look very attractive on the outside; however, the price tag is bound to look attractive to consumers. Plus, their performance will remain fast and top notch, despite the cheap price. When you look at other affordable tablets on the market, they tend to run slower and have more technical problems. Amazon’s mission is to have tablets that function as well as the more expensive tablets, while being affordable to the average consumer. The only complaint with these new Fire tablets seems to be the extra wide amount of bezel around the screens. But for the price, it is easy to overlook that. The tablets have quad core processors and high resolution visuals that will make you feel like you have a $600 tablet.

So what’s the catch? How can Amazon afford to do this? Observers of the newest Amazon HD Fire tablets noticed a few unattractive qualities with the devices. For one thing, they have “special offer” advertisements that appear on the lock screen of the tablets, which forces consumers to spend an extra $15 if they want to turn them off. The tablets also hold only 8 GB of storage space, which is an extremely small amount for those people that like to download movies, apps and music. If you just want to download eBooks, then it should be okay. Overall, if you don’t use tablets for heavy downloading then it is still a good deal. The onetime fee of $15 to turn off advertisements is worth the price.

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