A Gorgeous iPad Air Clone Is Dirt Cheap and Can Run Android or Windows

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On March 16, 2015
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The iPad is one of the most attractive tablets on the market. People are simply in love with its lightweight and simple design. If you look at all the Windows and Android tablets on the market, pilule they tend to be a lot bulkier and heavier than iPads. Recently there was one tablet that tried to match the physical attributes of the iPad, which was the Onda V919 3G Air. In fact it was designed to look exactly like the iPad Air. The only difference is the Onda does not run the Apple iOS, like on the iPhones and tablets.

There is an upside to owning the new Onda tablet. Even though it doesn’t have the iOS, it has both the Android and Windows 8.1 operating systems instead. In other words, the Onda V919 will give users the ability to switch between both operating systems any time they want. That way, users will have the power to run more applications that are designed specifically to run on one of the operating systems. The best part is that the Onda V919 will only cost about $180. This is a lot cheaper than Apple’s iPad Air, which sells for about $499. So not only will you be saving money with Onda, but you will have power to run more applications with two operating systems as well. This means you won’t have to go out and buy separate tablets that cater to only one operating system. Therefore, users will save even more money.

The Onda V919 contains very impressive specifications that match those of iPad Air. It has a 9.7 inch screen with 2048×1536 resolution and 64 GB in its internal hard drive. Users can even expand this storage amount to 128GB along. As for the internet connection, you can switch between WiFi networking and 3G connectivity. The difference is the 3G uses cellular data to connect you to the internet whereas WiFi requires a WiFi network to be available in your location. This way you don’t have to go scouting around in hopes to find an area that allows you to go on the internet.

Onda is a Chinese tech company that is known for making inexpensive electronics that resemble those of bigger named electronic brands, like Apple. Some say that Onda makes their products faster and cheaper, which diminishes the quality. But for most people, they have not noticed a difference in quality and they are happy to pay less money because of it.

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