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On March 23, 2015
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Single Best Fitness App of 2014People always make excuses that they never have time to get to the gym and workout because they have to deal with their children or jobs all day. Well now there are no more excuses because there is a new fitness app that will let somebody get a workout in just 7 minutes. The best part is they can perform the exercises from virtually anywhere. Whether it is your office at work or the living room at your house, symptoms all you need is a spare wall and a chair to complete this short workout routine.

The 7-Minute Workout App is available for both Android and iPhone. It was created with the brainpower of an exercise physiologist and personal trainer. The theory behind the app is that short amounts of intense exercise will actually provide you with longer lasting health benefits rather than having to endure longer and more grueling exercises. There are a series of 12 basic exercises that everyone is probably familiar with such as sit ups, buy jumping jacks, sale pushups, and squats. For 10 of these exercises, all you need is your own body to perform them. The only two exercises that will require a chair are the triceps dips and the step ups. These exercises might sound mediocre, but at a fast intense pace they will be very challenging. After all, you will be fitting in 12 different exercises in just 7 minutes. Basically, you perform each exercise for up to 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. This type of workout is similar to interval training where you have intense periods of exercises that are broken up with rest periods.

You might be wondering what the fitness app actually does, since you will be doing all the physical work. The app is there to teach you how to do the exercises. It will display a visual example of each exercise so you will know how to get into proper form. Then when you are done with the exercise it will prompt you to go onto the next exercise. It will be like having your own personal trainer there to motivate and push you to keep on going forward. No matter how busy someone is, they should be able to find 7 minutes of free time for them to exercise. This could be at the end of a lunch break or even before you go to sleep. It is no wonder why the 7-Minute Workout App was the single best fitness app of 2014.

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