PlayStation at 20: How Sony’s Console Has Grown Up With Its Players

Review of: Sony Playstation

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On March 25, 2015
Last modified:March 23, 2015


Sony PlayStation became 20 years old in late 2014. For many gamers, price it seems like only yesterday that the original Sony PlayStation hit the shelves of their favorite toy store. Its ability to play 3d games completely revolutionized the industry. The only 3d competitors at the time were the Sega CD and Nintendo 64, physician which did have their own place in 3d history even though their games lacked certainly qualities that Sony got right. The PlayStation had smooth 3d graphics that were fast paced and much more interactive. Then as time went on, viagra dosage PlayStation kept developing new consoles with improved graphics, sound and DVD playback capabilities. The most recent system is PlayStation 4, which has sold more systems than even Sony expected. So it is safe to say that consumers are still interested in Sony Playstation systems.

The big question that gamers often wonder about Sony Playstation is, “What more can be done to further enhance the system when PlayStation 5 comes around?” The graphics of the PlayStation 4 are so realistic looking that it is hard to imagine them getting any better. Plus the PS4 has digital downloads now, so people don’t even have to purchase the physical disks anymore. So, what next? Well there are rumors that Sony is taking an interest in virtual reality technology. We have already seen some positive reviews for Oculus Rift, which is a virtual reality headset that lets you game inside a 3d world. Sony may be contemplating whether or not to switch from a gaming console to a set of 3d goggles. The only thing is virtual reality games have to be built from scratch. You wouldn’t be able to transfer older PlayStation games onto a virtual reality system like you can with the later PlayStation console models.

The only thing that can go wrong with 3d goggles is the sickness. People who use 3d headsets for extended periods of time can easily feel disoriented or nauseous, especially when they take the goggles off their head. Sony wouldn’t want to lose their millions of loyal customers by creating a product they are going to be sick from. So there are a lot of bugs and quirks that have to be worked out in the goggles before they become main stream for gaming. But in another 20 years, we may very well be seeing goggles as the main type of console. Either that or it will already have become irrelevant by that time.


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