An Early Version Of Samsung’s Next Galaxy Phone Might Have Just Leaked


Samsung’s Galaxy phones have become very popular and have created a growing fan base for the company. That is why fans are getting excited about the new leaked picture of the Samsung Galaxy S6. This was a prototype developed completely by scratch. The outside shape of the phone resembles the roundness found in the previous Galaxy S5, viagra sale and even in the Galaxy S4. However, for sale the back of the panel looks a little different from what can be seen of it in the leaked picture. The material of the panel is tough to identify, but it doesn’t appear to be the same kind of glossy plastic that was on the Galaxy S5. In fact the material looks much nicer and smoother. As for the edges of the phone, they look to be made out of metal material just like the edges on the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha.

The origin of the leaked photo is anonymous because it was anonymously leaked to the phone news website, Phone Arena. That is why there is some skepticism as to whether the leaked photo is authentic or not. But even if the photo is of the real prototype, that doesn’t mean the final model is going to look just like the one in the photo. All we can do is speculate until Samsung makes an official announcement about the Galaxy S6. This announcement is expected to be made sometime in March, which is only one month away. The unveiling will be held at the Mobile World Congress, which is the place where Samsung normally announces their newest line of products that are scheduled to be released during the first half of the year.

As for the leaked photo, there are so many products from many companies that always have leaked photos of their products. Some of them are genuine while others are fabricated in order to stir up conversation. It is hard to tell what to believe on the internet anymore. But this doesn’t stop people from wanting to believe in what they see in these pictures. This makes the anticipation for the next Samsung gadget even more exciting. That is why Samsung doesn’t publically denounce the leaked pictures because they know it will get people talking about their products. Of course they do not admit this, but it is pretty obvious to a layman person reading all of the conversation about the photos in social media and blog websites.

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