Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S6


Have you ever wondered which Android Smartphone is the best on the market? There are so many different brands and features to choose from, medicine so it can be pretty difficult to determine. But if you look at the statistics and consumer feedback then you will find the Samsung Galaxy S6 has received the most praise. Therefore, the Galaxy S6 is without a doubt the best Android Smartphone you can purchase for yourself. Now for the big question, why is it the most popular?

The overall design of the Galaxy S6 is definitely one to ponder over. Consumers all around the world have said the Galaxy S6 is the best looking Samsung Smartphone so far, even though the design has a strong resemblance to the iPhone 6. Of course, this is referring to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge model, which is thin and has round sides. But the screen does contain a 5.1 inch display size and contains quality that is much larger and sharper than the iPhone 6 competitor.

As for the Galaxy S6’s app and software selection, users can access a whole library of apps by simply going to the Google Play store. There you can gain access to new apps as they are released along with any major updates to the older apps. The user interface of the Galaxy S6 is also impressive with its smooth animations and incredibly fast performance. Many people believe the performance level is much better than the performances of previous Samsung Smartphones.

What else can be said about the Galaxy S6? How about the camera? People love the cameras in their Smartphones, especially when they take high quality pictures. Well the S6 contains a 16MP camera, which is definitely a high end camera where Smartphones are concerned. The average digital camera takes 16MP pictures, so it is really unique to have this much quality in a phone. Now people can take high resolution pictures with autofocus in poorly lit areas if they want to.

The only disappointment with the S6 is the battery. The battery life doesn’t seem to last as long as the life of the Galaxy S5, but it will still last you the entire day. So if you want to take a fully charged S6 to work with you, it should last you until you get back home at night. Then you can charge it again while you are sleeping.  Therefore, you should definitely consider investing in a Samsung S6 the next time you are looking to purchase a new Smartphone for yourself.

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