Review: Can you really save money by cutting the cord?


Politicians may be claiming that job opportunities are growing and the economy is getting better, pill but people aren’t really seeing that. The only work out there consists of temp jobs and minimum wage jobs where you get laid off for no good reason. Because of all these stresses, view people are looking for any way they can to save a buck on their expenses. One way they are doing this is by eliminating their non-necessities first. These are things that people can live without, like cable television. Before the age of the internet, cable television was the main source of entertainment in every household. Now it is really unnecessary because the internet can give you access to movies, television and websites where you can be interactive. What is the point of keeping cable television if you can just get cable internet with more benefits for a cheaper price?

The only thing that stops people from switching is the fact that there is no single streaming service that offers all of the channels that cable television offers. For example, you can get HBO online if you sign up for HBO Go. But, what about ESPN, Cinemax, TMC and all the other channels people enjoy? You would have to sign up separately for each streaming service to get these channels, which would cost a fortune. Cable television gives you them all in one monthly package. However, Sony just came out with a new service called PlayStation Vue, which is a cloud based television service that you can stream through your PlayStation 4. They are the closest internet based service to offer consumers a cable television package. PlayStation Vue gives subscribers access to over 50 cable and broadcast channels at a cost of $50 per month. You have the option to add sports channels for $10 or $20 more. Some might say that is a good deal, but you also have to consider the costs of your internet connection as well. You will need a connection with at least 5 megabits per second, which will likely cost you $40 to $50 per month. Therefore, you will be paying $100 for internet and over 50 television channels, excluding HBO in this package.

Overall, the package you choose depends on which channels you love to watch and how often you watch them. If you occasionally watch television once or twice a week, then you mine as well get a single streaming service like HBO Go. But if you are a true couch potato that loves multiple channels then you might want to just stick with your regular cable television and endure the additional costs.

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