I used this accessory and didn’t have to charge my iPhone for three days


The one thing that annoys Smartphone users the most is recharging their battery every so often. Nothing is worse than seeing the red light indicator come on, vialis 40mg which signals that your battery is almost out of power. If you are at work or away from your charger, then this could mean trouble if you depend on your Smartphone for critical communication. The reason why the power goes out so fast is because people use their Smartphone for everything. Before, cell phones used to just be for making phone calls and sending out the occasional text message. Now people use them for emailing, internet surfing, watching movies, listening to music and pretty much every activity they used to do on the computer. What they don’t realize is these kinds of activities require a lot more power to sustain.

A company called “Mophie” has developed an accessory that may very well assist Smartphone users with their battery charging dilemma. The announced earlier this year that they were coming out with a new version of their previous accessory “Juice Pack,” which is a case for the iPhone 6 Plus. However, this is not just an ordinary case where you store your iPhone. This case actually has a built-in battery with a charger on the bottom. When you put your iPhone in the case, it slides on top of the charger on the bottom. The charger uses the juice from the other battery to transfer new power into your iPhone’s battery. People who have tried out Mophie’s Juice Pack claim that it nearly doubled the amount of battery life in their iPhone’s battery.

The Juice Pack retails for about $100, which isn’t bad for someone who needs to charge their phone constantly while they are away from home. However, it does also add the burden of having to bring your case with you wherever you go. You can leave the case on the phone while you use it, but it makes the phone a lot bulkier and so it may not fit in your back pocket. Testers have also reported that it is difficult for them to fit their L-shaped headphone jacks into the port of their iPhone when it is encased in the Juice Pack. To get around this, you could take an adapter for the case with you but that will only add to the amount of accessories you have to carry. Overall, the Juice Pack is still a worthy investment if you can make room for it during your travels.

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