Google Glass : The Most Advanced Gadget

Google Glass Project can be termed as the most advanced technology being developed by the tech giant GOOGLE. Ever since its news was in the market, it has been the talk of the technology world. With the release of Google’s Glass Project video on YouTube showing its some of the capabilities it has become a wish for everyone to get his own Google Glass. This will completely change the way how we see the World.

Google Glass

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin presenting the New Google Glasses

“Google”- when this terms comes in our mind then most of us only think of the search we have been using for a long long time. But Google is not just a search engine now. It has evolved from just a search engine to the biggest tech company and first dream choice of people to work.

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Here is the video released from Google which i am sure will blow your mind if you get to know the capabilities of the Google Glass.

This Glass as you can see in the video is a voice controlled device same as Siri and SVoice in your Apple and Samsung Smartphones respectively but is not the same and is much more advanced and can be termed as ultimate solutions. Though i will keep up my final comment on this till the release of this Gadget. But one thing is for sure and that is i do want it when it will be out in the market. 🙂

Google Glass Official Page

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