Apple’s Next iPhone Could Come With a New Type of Screen That’s Unlike Anything We’ve Seen on a Smartphone Yet


According to some speculative reports, purchase the next Apple iPhone is going to have a new screen that features the identical Force Touch technology found in the newest Apple Watch. This technology will allow users to do a variety of new things from within their iOS. For one thing, cure they will have to apply more pressure to the screen in order to scroll the media players. That way the screen doesn’t scroll from light accidental touches to it. Users who are fans of Apple Maps can drop pins into it to help them remember certain hotspots and locations. You can even add calendar events and search word definitions using Force Touch as well.

Rumors suggest the Force Touch feature will be integrated into the iPhone 6s, online which is the next version to be released. But this feature is not going to be an essential part of the iPhone 6s. You will still be able to complete most tasks without needing to use Force Touch. It is really just for power users who like to apply more pressure to the screen. Force Touch uses pressure sensitive technology to determine how hard a person presses on the screen and when it is being tapped. As of right now, it will be the only Smartphone in existence that uses this technology. Of course, it already exists in the Apple Watch, but that screen is tool small. Apple fans and enthusiasts are very curious about how the Force Touch technology will work with a much bigger screen.

The iPhone 6s is said to have many other new features as well. The iOS keyboard of the device will possibly be larger and have more editing controls available on it. Apple plans to release more information about their iPhone software at the Worldwide Developer Conference coming up soon. However, they aren’t expected to reveal anything about the actual hardware of the iPhone 6s until a few months from now. If you study the history of Apple’s unveilings, they usually introduce their new iPhone around the beginning of September anyways. One report even suggests it might be unveiled in late August. These dates are coming up quickly and Apple fans are excited to learn as much as they can about the next iPhone. But the big question is, “Will the Force Touch technology in the newest iPhone make them want to spend hundreds of dollars for the upgrade?” This is a question that will be tested this fall.

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