REVIEW: The New Pebble Smartwatch


Back in 2012, price the smartwatch maker “Pebble” was nothing more than a page on Kickstarter asking for donations to finance their smartwatch development. This was rather bold for a company that no one had ever heard of to try and compete with bigger mobile developers like Apple, physician Motorola, drug Samsung and LG. But after 68,000 donations were received to fund Pebble’s project, they were able to enter the marketplace and become a worthy competitor to the other tech companies. They were able to advance quickly too because the bigger named companies were developing flops. Samsung had released six different smartwatch models within the same year, and none of them took off with consumers. Ever since then, Pebble has grown in such a short timeframe.

Pebble is about to release its newest smartwatch device called the Pebble Time. It is said to work with both Android and iPhone devices. It is also the first Pebble smartwatch to have a color screen. Not only that, it is waterproof and has a battery which lasts longer than any other smartwatch battery. But the true redeeming quality is its affordability. The Pebble Time will have a retail price of $199, which is $150 less than the most inexpensive Apple Watch. Now you might think the cheaper Pebble price makes it lower quality. In actuality, none of the smartwatches on the market are perfect. The Apple Watch and the Pebble Time are both far from perfect. So if you are curious to own a smartwatch then you mine as well go with the more affordable option and purchase the Pebble Time.

Smartwatches might have been a temporary success that is now losing interest. Apple has already reported that orders for the Apple Watch have fallen 90% since its initial release. Some say it is because the Apple Watch is simply too expensive. Others say it is simply because nobody needs a smartwatch. After all, what is really the point of getting one? Smartphones can pretty much do everything that a smartwatch can do, plus so much more. The only true quality of a smartwatch is that you can conveniently strap it to your wrist. But this convenience is not enough to get people to spend hundreds of dollars every time a new smartwatch gets released. Chances are if you already have a smartwatch then you won’t need a new one. This theory will get put to the test when Pebble Time gets released.

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