GoPro Is Making a Drone and a Six-Camera Virtual Reality Device


Drone and camera technology is becoming more advanced every single day. The tech company GoPro revealed their newest products at the recent Re/code Conference. These products included a quadcopter drone and a six camera system. The camera system can shoot spherical video, malady which means it can capture 360° video imagery. Right now you will only find digital cameras that can record video in front of it. Imagine a consumer marketplace filled with 360° digital video cameras. This would certainly make video sharing websites like YouTube a whole lot more interesting to look at. This GoPro camera is expected to cost more than $3000 and should be available to consumers towards the end of the year. This price might seem a bit high, but remember there are six cameras in the system. Each of these cameras is responsible for shooting a certain direction. This is how the 360° video footage is achieved. You will also be able to take out the cameras and use them individually as well.

The quadcopter is another gadget being built by GoPro. This is basically another consumer drone, but this drone has four rotors. It is expected to be released in early 2016. The CEO of GoPro did not release too much information on their quadcopter. Since it is still in development, it may be too early for them to tell consumers much about it. They aren’t even saying how much the quadcopter is going to cost. Most people would agree that it will be thousands of dollars at least. Some speculators suggest how interesting it would be to have a GoPro camera placed on the quadcopter. Then you would be able to take 360° video from the sky. But this is just a rumor that has not been verified by anyone associated with GoPro.

Drones are very interesting, but they are also quite expensive. The average consumer is not going to shell out thousands of dollars for any type of technology, whether it is a drone or a 360° camera. Most consumers have a tough enough time shelling out a thousand dollars for a decent computer for themselves. But for those who are tech enthusiasts, they will surely want to purchase the quadcopter and give it a nice fly in the sky. They won’t be able to use it for any commercial purposes because the Federal Aviation Administration has not set the regulations yet for drone travel. Consumers can only fly their drones in an open field near their location. However, critics expect consumer drones to have more freedom in the future.


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