Sony’s SmartBand Has New Heart Rate Monitor


Sony has already had some great success with their smartwatch called “SmartBand.” But now they are looking to aim higher in its technology with the release of their second version called “SmartBand 2.” This new version will create a much better experience in the area of fitness tracking by integrating a heart rate monitor in with the watch. Smartband 2 will be available in a whopping 60 countries at a price of $130. People who care about monitoring their heart rate while they exercise will want to purchase this watch. The smartwatch market is becoming very competitive with the release of so many smartwatches that offer things like heart rate monitoring and distance tracking. Sony needs to stay ahead of the game if they want a fighting chance against their tough competitors.

The neat thing about the Sony SmartBand 2 is that it is waterproof. This means you don’t have to worry about hiding your watch in the middle of a rainstorm because it won’t be affected by the rain. As for the technology side of things, help the SmartBand 2 will let users know when they have a text message, generic phone call, sales social media notification or an email. The user will be notified of these messages by blinking LED lights and vibrations. That way if they aren’t looking at the screen then they will still be able to see the phone blinking and feel it vibrate on their wrist. Also, users can control the music that plays on their tablet or smartphone through the watch. All they have to do is tap the watch to pause, play and skip through the various musical tracks. If users move farther than 10 meters away from their smartphone, the watch will vibrate as well.

The battery of the SmartBand 2 will fully charge after an hour. Then you can wear the watch for an entire two days before it needs charging again. The initial colors of the watch will be black and white during its launch, but will later come in indigo and pink colors as well. Users will have to install the Sony Lifelog app on their smartphone or tablet in order to connect with the SmartBand 2. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. This alone will help the watch be a big seller because it caters to Apple and Android devices. These are the two most popular mobile manufacturers on the market. Sony is smart to create a watch that is compatible with both of them.

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