Google Enhances Latest Android Wear with Interactive Watch Faces


There have been a lot of advancements to smartwatches over the few short years of their existence. Google has also gotten in on the action with their Android Wear smartwatches. They are adding an interactive watch face to the next update of their Android Wear smartwatch. Of course, sale this feature has already been available by using apps on the device. But now the interactive watch face will come integrated with the device without the need for apps. You can change it into an animated watch face by simply going to the settings. Then there will be a moving image in the background which you can interact with.

Recently, the Android Team over at Google at revealed the newest watch face to the public. The watch face has a calendar that you can access when it is touched. It will also show a to-do list of everything you have to do in a given day. This interactive watch face will be available after an automatic software update to the existing Android Wear smartwatches. Users won’t have to purchase a new version of the watch in order to get this awesome update to the watch face. They should see these updates any time now. Android developers will be happy to know that the interactive watch face has an API that has just been released as well.

So what is so great about the interactive watch faces? Well they are more than just an animation in the background. They provide users with an at-a-glance experience. Users can easily be reminded of crucial information such as messages and the next item to do on their calendar. This kind of interaction will prove to be very helpful to users who have lots of things they need to get done each day of a given week or month. The watch face will even tell you the weather, news, step count, distance traveled and the amount of calories you have burned. This information can be great for those interested in losing weight and getting in shape.

Android Wear will have Wi-Fi support added to it during the next update. This will benefit those Android watches that don’t currently have Wi-Fi, like the LG G Watch R. This will make users of that watch extremely happy because virtually every mobile device now has Wi-Fi compatibility and the no Wi-Fi issue was really holding that watch back. As for those who don’t own Android Wear, they can still purchase an Android smartwatch for just $100.

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