Microsoft Band 2 has a Curved Display


When the Microsoft Band was released, check consumers were not too thrilled with the fashion style of the device. Sure it had good technological features and innovations, seek but in the end people still want to have a watch that looks good. Rumors are Microsoft has listened to the criticisms directed at the Microsoft Band, medicine which is why they are changing the shape for the upcoming Microsoft Band 2. This wearable is expected to have a curve display on the front along with a metallic new finish on the front display panel. It will also have physical buttons that you can press instead of just touch screen. As for its computing capability, users can now measure elevation in addition to speed. This means if you are walking up or down stairs, or walking through a steep terrain, then it can measure the elevation you are moving to.

During the launch, the Microsoft Band 2 will be available to the global market. This includes most European countries like Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Back in October of 2014, the Microsoft Band was priced at $199 when it was released. Not only that, it was advertised as a health and fitness wearable that is similar to Fitbit. It had ten sensors for tracking heart rate, steps, sleep and various biometrics. It even had a UV sensor to measure the amount of sun exposure you were getting. Hopefully, the second generation Microsoft Band will keep the technological features that people liked in the first generation version. However, what people want to see improved in the second generation is the battery life. The first generation had a terrible battery life and it was hardly waterproof. So if the newer version of the wearable has a longer lasting battery with waterproof material then consumers may be willing to spend another $199 for the next generation version.

However, critics doubt very likely that the hardware issues will be addressed. They are afraid that the cosmetics of the wearable will be the only improvement. Would you be willing to spend another $199 just to have a curved display on the front if you already purchased the first generation wearable last year? Most people would probably so no, but if you are a tech enthusiast with money to spend then perhaps you would reconsider. Unfortunately, most people are not in a position to be that generous with their wallet. We shall see what happens when it is finally released in the United States.

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