These headphones come with a gimmick that makes a difference!


Headphones seem like a product that is similar no matter which brand you purchase. But there are different types of headphones being made that look and feel different to the person who wears it. This is the gimmick that many headphone manufacturers are trying to play off of in order to differentiate themselves from their competition. You can also see this being done with various smartphones in the market, viagra like with the curved LG G Flex 2 phones. Sometimes the manufacturers will even use exotic materials on the outside, like with Kevlar-plated Motorola Droid. But how much better can headphones be made?

A British headphone company named Reid Heath Acoustics has long attracted the attention of big computer companies like Apple and numerous others in the business. Recently, viagra dosage the RHA T20i in-ear headphones were revealed. Sure it looks fancy with its injection-molded stainless steel build, but that is only the beginning. They are equipped with revolutionary new interchangeable tuning filters and a Dual Coil driver system. These new features make the sound quality out of this world. People who have tested out the headphones say hearing music through them is a pleasant experience and is much more than just a gimmick. Hopefully, other consumers will think so too because these headphones are priced at $249.95. Most laypeople would probably spend that much on a cheap laptop, but certainly not on expensive headphones. Only people who can afford the very best quality will want to purchase these headphones. You may also find it a worthy investment if you happen to listen to music a lot on your iPhone. Let’s say you work a job that lets you listen to music while you are working. These headphones would be perfect in this situation. You could also listen to them while jogging, walking or lifting weights at the gym. The possibilities are endless.


There are actually two versions of these headphones; the T20i and the T20. The T20i is equipped with a microphone, which you can connect with your iPhone device so you can remain hands free. If you don’t want a microphone attachment to the headphones then you can purchase the T20 for $10 less and just get the headphones. But if you are willing to spend $239.95, then why not spend $249.95 and get the very best? Each RHA headphone bundle sold comes with 10 memory foam ear tip covers. That way the earphones will fit comfortably in your ears and stay securely in there without falling out.

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