Song Lyrics On YouTube : How To’s

We all have made several unsuccessful attempts to imitate those great rappers out there. But we hardly knew what they were saying. And this had always been a hurdle for us in becoming a successful rapper 😛 . Just kidding.

But Hey, have you ever thought how nice it would be if you get those lyrical words right by side while you’re playing the song you enjoying listening. You can enable the song lyrics on YouTube by a simple trick. This will definitely make you enjoy singing your favorite song as well.

ScreenShot Of the Extension Work

How to get the lyrics:

This is a trick for them who generally prefer YouTube for their songs. You just need to install an extension “YouTube Lyrics by Rob W.”  being supported by all leading browsers (viz. supports Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera) which will work for you. After installing it, whenever any song will be played on YouTube, and besides a movable and customizable (in the sense of size) windows appears with the exact song lyrics.

This works pretty well when tried with English songs but result were pretty poor with while testing with other languages.

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