Sony SmartWatch [Android OS]

Sony recently launched it’s first SmartWatch based on android platform. Sony SmartWatch enables you to see your tweets, mails, and even mobile missed calls, all at your wrist. This SmartWatch even sports a camera in the watch.

sony smartwatch

This watch is however not a device capable on doing everything on its own and you need it to be connected to your android phone to access its features. SmartWatch is offering a 10 hr battery back up which i think is not very good but is okay for the time we are out of our residence. I don’t think so anyone would be wearing a watch inside his house also but i will keep this fact to myself as this is an android watch and you may love it and wear it all the time.

For making this watch compatible with your smartphone you may need to download this app. SonySmartWatch App

Indian price tag on the watch is expected to show around 6000/- INR. Now you won’t need to bother taking out your smartphone for every small work. A gadget to make your life simpler.

A video from dlelectronics…

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2 thoughts on “Sony SmartWatch [Android OS]

  1. I want to know whetehr the device would be specifically compatible with Samsung Galaxy duos?I know you\’ve mentioned about it being compatible with all the android devices still, when I went to check the compatible devices, But I\’m sure they\’re not going to mention all the names or would they ? I found on the sony webiste
    Hence I want to confirm, Can you please help?

    • Sony SmartWatch will be compatible with most of the smartphone running android v4.0 and above. However you may need to download Sony SmartWatch App. See the post for the App download link

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