Google Nose Beta : Google’s 1st April Prank

Whenever it comes to playing the prank and fooling around others, Google has the best idea. Well i need to say that because they really have that and their plans work successfully with almost everyone.

This April’s 1st was also in the name of Google, where almost every Googler was successfully being pranked by Google Nose Beta, which was launched as a new addup to the leading search technology to increase the accuracy and show the users exactly what is being asked for by smelling. Couldn’t stop laughing out when i saw the video [below] which was the introduction of Nose beta program by Google.

Well they do mentioned some really big heavy words in their so called product’s introductory video which made me also think for a time that is this real.. and yes i am also in the long list of the one’s,  fooled by Google.

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