Leaked Facebook Home Android Apk : Download

You must have something about facebook phone being launched in the market or may be still listening about that. To tell you in precise about this news its actually a launcher for android gadgets (smartphones), sildenafil which will turn your phone into a facebook Phone.


A video To show what actually Facebook Home is.

However this facebook home launcher is officialy available on HTC One X [A rumoured News]. It is also being said that Samsung Galaxy S III, Note II, Galaxy S4 and HTC One will receive this android apk very soon.

Though this apk is still not available for free download but last night while browing the net i found a website named MoDaCo which is providing the leaked version of this facebook home. The difference in this apk and original one is only that this apk does not have the chat option and is disabled. Click here to download

However that will not matter you very much in case you just wanna give this a try and experience the Facebook Home. However there are  some prerequisite for running this devie on your smartphone gadget and that it should support a 1024 X 768 resolution screen.and you will also need to uninstall the facebook app which you might have on the Phone. You cannot have facebook app and facebook home both at the same time.

Go and grab your own Facebook Home even before it sofficial release for your device.

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