HTC One Launched In India : Review

HTC One – The biggest beasty gagdet by HTC as it is being termed up is finally launched in India at a benchmarking price tag. HTC One is bearing a heavy price tag of 42,990. However at this hefty price tag it do offers some of high end features which are completly unique and is not being boarded by any of the other smartphones/gadgets as of now. This device will be shipped in Indian market by the end of April.

Talking about the specification part, HTC One in India packs a snapdragon processor of 1.7 GHz supported by a 2GB RAM(Really Powerfull). It’s 32 GB of onboard memory will make you tension free of making some memory chip arrangements. On the connectivity part, HTC one in being shipped in India with all possible connectivity options. It comes with a Wi-fi, Bluetooth (4.0), NFC, Micro USB and even infrared. HTC one is operating on the latest Android 4.1and has also got a brand ne HTC Sense UI to enhance user’s experience.



Some of the unique yet awesome features of this device which may somewhat satisfy the price branding on this.

HTC One Specification

 > Zero Gap Aluminium Unibody

Its unibody design and just one smooth surface covering the whole back [Zero Gap Construction] will make you also feel that this device can not be easily dropped.

>The UltraPixel Camera

Technically HTC one has 4.3 MP which may seem less to you in comparison with other smartphones at this price. But this camera is not ordinary camera. This device is not having a 4.3 MegaPixel but actually it is 4.3 UltraPixel. This features of this device captures 300%more light in the camera in comparison to other smartphones thus enhancing the clarity very much. A camera just perfect especially for low light photography.

>Other Unique Features

One more feature of this camera is it ability to record a 3 second video whenever you click a picture which provides you kind of animation. This video is editable at any time.

This device can also be used as universal remote controller for your other devices.

HTC one in India do carries a premium price tag but if you still managed to get that you will never have the feel of being overcharged. A power packed device with a reasonable price tag.

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  1. this is the one of the best smartphone to watch As it is equipped with lots of featuers. If you are going to buy smartphone then you should definately try this.

    • I completely agree with you.. this is surely a deadly gadget by HTC .. other brands now need something really unique. HTC One rocks…

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