Mouse Without Borders : 4 Computers With single Mouse/Keyboard

mouse without bordersMouse Without Borders is a freeware, which lets you connect your single mouse and keyboard up to four Windows computers easily. This means that you just need to have one mouse for all the four computers. You can also move files from one computer to another by dragging and dropping it to the desired computer.

Do you own more than one windows systems? If yes, then we can help you in saving some of you money. Yes you heard it right. Have you ever wished if you to use the same mouse in all the computers at once or have you ever got irritated in using the same mouse over more than one computer with simultaneous connecting and disconnecting it from the respective computers.

If yes, then here we are going to provide you with the best freeware utility “Mouse without Borders“. This freeware is designed by Microsoft ad is just a 1mb file which can be downloaded from here.

After the download, just double-click and install it on one of your system. Click No, when asked about installation on other computer. You will be provided with your computer’s name and a passcode. Then install this utility on other computers as well. Click yes when asked for the installation on other computers and enter the name and password you got when installing on your first computer. And you are done.

Mouse Without Borders

Plus Points Of Mouse Without Borders

<>Whenever the mouse pointer will cross the boundary of the computer on which it was, it will automaticaaly start being shown up in the next computer. Keyboard will work on the computer which will presently have the mouse control. To type in another computer you need to move your mouse to that computer. You need not to switch but you can do show with hot key combination or numbers as desired.

<> If you are owning a Windows phone then that gadget can also be connected with the help of this freeware.

<> Share one keyboard and mouse among four computers. You can move or copy files from one computer to another and you can even log in or logout of all the systems at once.

However you can only connect Windows pc with this utility and if you have systems running on different platform then you might some other utility like Input Director and Synergy.

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