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androidAccording to a survey, cost there are 75 million tablets running on Android platform around the world. Recently, see two companies named Animoce and localytics conducted a survey for the best tablet [android]. The two reports presented by them differed very slightly.

The list was also surprising because it had some of the tablets which can never be expected to be in the top list. However, we had to digest this report because both the reports were differing from each other ona  very slight margin.


Best Tablet

Best Tablets Survey Reports

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And the winner of the best tablet title is Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Best Tablet - Samsung  Galaxy Tab 2

The Winning Tablet – Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

In all the tablets being used on the globe, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 was a clear-cut winner which holds up a market share of almost 11.8% and the both the surveys had this gadget as the winner tablet.


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