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Facebook Voice Message : If you are bored with old style facebook texting.. then here is a utility to convey the message to your loved ones and other friends without typing a single key… Just record your message and send it to them…

1. Download facebook messenger app for your smartphone/tablet.

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2. After Logging in…. Now click on compose new message or just head over to any old message.. You will be shown up with the default keyboard.. Find and click on the “plus” symbol.

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3. This will provide you with option to send an image or record a video or to send your message over voice.

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4. When you choose for the recording option, dosage you will be provided by a virtual button on which you can click and record your voice..After you are done recording your secret message .. Head over to send option and click send.

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5. Your recipient will get the message as a player and they have to just click on the play button to know what you wanted them to convey…

Facebook Messanger

Chatting Redefined… Chat with your pals over voice free of cost..

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