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WordPress is the best web software to create an awesome blog or website. Its free yet priceless at the same time. WordPress plugins & widgets are designed to provide you with options to customize and give your website the desired look and feel. There are more than 2k WordPress plugins and 3k widgets already built available. However there are some plugins which you should definitely use in your blog to increase the overall performance of the blog and increase your readership.

We have been using a lot of plugins a while to make this list of top 10 WordPress plugins which can’t be ignored. Finally Presenting you, the list of Top 10 WordPress plugins which you should definitely use in your blog

No.   Plugin Name                                               functionality


Reward your readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment. Encourage a community and discover new posts.
Comment     Redirect by Yoast

Redirect commenters who just made their first comment to a page of your choice. On this page, you could ask them to subscribe, like you on Facebook and lots more, Or you can just redirect them to a thanks page for commenting. Comment on this post to see this plugin in action.

Better Delete Revision Remove and delete old revision of posts, pages and related meta content completely and optimize Database: reduce size and optimization to speed up!
4. Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

Very simple plugin that adds a client side generated checkbox to the comment form requesting that the user clicks it to prove they are not a spammer. Bots wont see it so their spam comment will be discarded.

Jetpack by

Bring the power of the cloud to your self-hosted WordPress. Jetpack enables you to connect your blog to a account to use the powerful features normally only available to users.

Login LockDown

Adds some extra security to WordPress by restricting the rate at which failed logins can be re-attempted from a given IP range. Distributed through Bad Neighborhood.

WordPress SEO

The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.

10. WP Super Cache

Very fast caching plugin for WordPress.

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