Transfer Calls/Messages From Android Phone to Desktop

Remote Phone CallAndroid Tips : We often miss our calls and messages whenever we are busy with our laptop/desktop. Sometimes those calls are really important and we can’t take risk of missing it. One simple way is to enable the ringer profile but what when we can’t do that specially in the night, then the only option left with us is keep checking the phone repeatedly… But is that really possible to do so when the we are enjoying our favourite movie. Well not really…

Remote Phone Call

So, Here is a simple utility for all android smartphone holders. This simple utility will transfer all your  calls and messages to your pc. So whenever you will get a call or message you will be notified by this app. You can even attend your call from your pc itself.

You need to install an App named Remote Phone Call. After Installing this app, this app will provide you with a link to download client software for your desktop. Once you install it on your desktop it will automatically detect the phone on the WiFi network or via bluetooth. To add up a device over wi-fi your phone will provide you with a wi-fi password which you need to put on the desktop client. It will also provide you with the list of all phone numbers stored in your phone and also allows you to make a call or message.


Features at a glance :

  • Make/receive Calls/Messages Directly from PC or Laptop
  • Change Audio and Other Settings
  • Pair with Bluetooth Devices
  • Read your contacts
  • Read the logs
Remote Phone Call

Desktop Client ScreenShot

Note : This is a trial version however you can enjoy this software for 15 days before its expiry and you do have a purchase option and can get that at a price tag of 315 INR.

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2 thoughts on “Transfer Calls/Messages From Android Phone to Desktop

  1. Remote Phone Call app is really helpful! I already have this app on my Samsung GS3. I don’t have any worries if I won’t be able to verify the important messages in my smartphone since my 9-year old daughter always use it. It’s already saved and organized in my laptop.

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