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Codeproof Security : With the rapid advancement in technology, our personal data have become too much vulnerable to hackers and mis-users. It becomes too much difficult in selecting an antivirus solution for our gadget. We always wants the best and we can’t take risk of making a wrong decision when the question is of our personal data.

Codeproof has come up with a simple but very powerful solution. It provide its user with the cloud based software as a security software for your gadgets (Mobile, Smartphones & Tablets). This software is being hosted on Amazon cloud and thus provides you with anytime and anywhere protection against cyber crimes. It’s a security software plus a Mobile Device Management (MDM). 

Features at a glance :

– Antivirus (Android), Privacy Protection & even Parental controls
– It can also detect lost device, rooted phones (also including Device Lock and Encryption)
– Password Restrictions, App Restrictions and Directory-Based Policy Management
– Remote configuration of Email, Wi-Fi, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
– Device Telemetry & Asset Management
– App Distribution & Mobile App Management (MAM)
– True Software as a Service (SaaS)  and designed/built on Amazon Elastic Cloud Stack
– Role-Based Admin Management
– Platform extensibility by Developer APIs
– Anytime/Anywhere access by Cloud Console

How to configure Codeproof


Web Console

This is very easy and even a novice can do this. You just need to create an account on and install the Codeproof app on your device. Now log in the app with the same account you registered on the website. After this login to your account from the pc and you are done. The website console will provide you with the complete system details, its health (including virus reports, jail break/rooted information and even apps installed on your device).

Mobile App Functionality

  • Mobile Antivirus
  • Device Information
  • Activity Log

ScreenShots Of Mobile App


Android App Console


An Introductory Video

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