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First of all I would like to welcome you to Your Personal Gadget Sector – GeekyGadgetWorld.

Http://GeekyGadgetWorld.Com uses Premium CommentLuv Plugin. This is the best way to thank our loyal readers/bloggers who keep visiting our blog. We also allow a do follow link after a certain no of comments on our site. We also allow a related link of your latest post on our blog in your comment along with your twitter User ID.

However, all this offer do make spam comments pretty common on our site. We always welcome comments on our blogs. However we also want to ensure us and other commentors and viewers from spam comments. Thus, each and every comment on GeekyGadgetWorld passes through three filter levels before being finally approved and live on http://GeekyGadgetWorld.Com .

  • 1st filter is a checking for spambots and other automated comments system. To prove that you are not one of them you need to check mark the box stating you’re not a spammer.
  • 2nd filter is our automatic spam filter technology. Http://GeekyGadgetWorld.Com is protected by automated Spam filtering technology – Akismet . However, we always have a look on the comments marked as spam in case there is a comment which can be approved.
  • 3rd filter is our final approval. No matter even if the comment is passed from the two filter, it can never be live until an unless we have approved it manually.

We have ensured that only genuine comments are on our site. This may be helpful for other readers and they won’t be leading to any other bad impression. We make sure reply almost all comments especially those querying something related to the post.

Rules For Commenting on Http://GeekyGadgetWorld.Com

  • Be sure that you have read the article and are commenting something related to it. Do not make random guesses about the article. Whatever is written on Http://GeekyGadgetWorld.Com is mostly with personal opinions.
  • If your comment consist of something which may be harmful for someone or our site or may be direct attack on some other commentators or author with your words, don’t think of getting your comment approved. You may even be Blocked from commenting in near future. Further measures may be taken by removing all your previous comments.
  • Make sure you provide us with correct e-mail address. We may need to contact you in near future. Your information is safe with us.
  • Your comment should be in professional way if you are wishing it to be approved. We do not approve comments which are more like show off and attention seeker.